10 Best Online Shopping Platforms in Pakistan 2022

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10 Best Online Shopping Platforms in Pakistan 2022

There was a time in Pakistan when people used to consider online shopping as a scam and people literally got looted by shopping online. In 2020, Covid-19 hit the world and help boost the eCommerce sector worldwide including in Pakistan. People had no choice except to shift their shopping patterns. This change helped Pakistan’s eCommerce industry to surge and move rapidly. Some build one-stop-shops online and some already established businesses started generating profit like never before.

Unfortunately, a number of brands call off their physical stores and some couldn’t survive in the online shopping competition.

In this article, the best online shopping platforms in Pakistan in 2022 will be discussed.

  • Daraz

  • Olx

  • Shophive

  • Qmart

  • WBMInternational

  • VMart

  • Telemart

  • CyberMart

  • iShopping

  • Homeshopping


One of the most popular and leading eCommerce websites in Pakistan is Daraz. It is one of the oldest shopping destinations which works on the commission-based business model while saving some percentage of commission from the seller based on the product category. The wide categories of products include kitchen accessories, electronic items, kids’ products, fashion, grocery, automobiles and miscellaneous products. It has its own logistics service which delivers products in three or more days. For retailers and sellers with large products, Daraz Mall has been introduced to cater for the needs of the brands.


Moving forward, we have OLX, the C2C business strategy built on a conventional classified website. With a parallel system for consumers running side by side, it has a very different business model. The platform enables vendors to post product images together with text descriptions, exactly like they would in an actual advertisement. Without the need for a middleman, buyers can also get in touch with the vendor, haggle over the price, and then make a purchase. In fact, the customer can go through a variety of alternatives to the main item to pick the seller who offers the best combination of price and product quality for the transaction.


The next platform we have is the Shophive, the pioneer online shopping portal in Pakistan offering the largest range of office products and electronic items including PCs, mobile phones, office products, generators, biometric attendance systems, UPS, etc. They also have a dedicated section to deal with the bulk items available at wholesale rates. The website has no option for sellers to promote and sell their own products. By providing a worthwhile experience with their products, they hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with their clients. Therefore, shophive is a must-visit eCommerce portal for you if you're wanting to do any online shopping in Lahore, Karachi, or anywhere else in Pakistan.


Another online shopping arena in Pakistan is Qmart which is offering an extensive range of Apple products and other smart gadgets and mobile phones. Due to its material culture specification, this platform is popular among youth. Not only this, they carry bundles of offers for youth’s favourite products. Also, they have a feature on the store to ‘sell your device’ option. Where one can submit their details of the device and send it by saving the cost of commuting.


On the list, we have a newly established online store WBMInternational. It is a popular brand for numerous consumer goods. More than 600 items on this website are identical to those on Amazon.com. Buyers can also get a lot of imported goods from well-known local brands. The fact that this online store only sells authentic goods of the highest quality is its strongest feature. The majority of these goods are imported. Therefore, you may completely trust this online store for your purchase if you are concerned that the things you are buying in Pakistan are not authentic.

They offer grocery packages and health packages to beat inflation. Currently, this online store exclusively sells its own brands and imported goods, but in the future, it might also let other brands and sellers sell their goods on this platform.


Vmart is also one of the pioneer platforms in Pakistan. This is a nationwide virtual brand selling electronic products of renowned brands including computer gadgets. It carries the largest range of phones, gaming gear and peripherals of computers. They deal with brands including Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, and TravelMore.


About three decades have passed since Telemart first entered the retail industry. They successfully tested their eCommerce platform after telemarketing and traditional marketing activities. They began with electronics and smartphones, but they quickly added more categories, including clothing for men and women, health care, and children.

In order to keep the trust of its customers and build a strong sense of community, the business is committed to providing high-quality goods. With a catalogue volume of over 150,000 items from various vendors, brands, and manufacturers, they are the market leader. The shop launches marketing initiatives to draw in more clients and reward devoted ones with deals and coupons.


One of the top online stores in Pakistan is CyberMart.pk which offers a wide variety of goods. They're making online shopping really simple and easy. Users may get a large selection of name-brand clothing at CyberMart for reasonable prices. In addition, footwear, children's clothing, gadgets, mobile accessories, supermarket items, and many more are being offered.

They have excellent shipping and customer service. You can take advantage of their special discounts on fantastic stuff. You will have countless possibilities and can save time and effort by purchasing in the online market.


iShopping.pk, one of the top marketplaces in Pakistan, was primarily created to offer an online platform that helps consumers and sellers. This online store offers products in practically every market segment, such as electronics, clothing for women and men, health and beauty products, office supplies, children's products, furniture, and stationery, among others. It is a very trustworthy online retailer with strong buyer and seller protection guidelines.


It can be difficult to select a smartphone within your means. You will be shown mobile devices by companies you may never want to patronize, but they will leave you with few choices. In this case, HomeShopping is the best option. One of the few online retailers in Pakistan, HomeShopping.pk offers a wide selection of electronics, smart devices, and mobile phones. By narrowing your search results by category, brand, price range, and condition, you can locate suitable options. You may also find other interesting categories including books and stationery, mobile accessories, fashion, and baby toys in addition to its emphasis on providing high-quality gadgets. They provide a special section for finding hotels in Pakistan's major cities for travelers and tourists.