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What is ENABLERS BLITZ RANK [EBR] – this means Attacking to rank on PAGE 1 against your chosen keyword – loads of people get confused that how HOW TO RANK AMAZON PRODUCT ON PAGE ONE but they end up continue to bleed!

Amazon’s product search algorithm is completely different to any other search engine! When a buyer searches for a product on Amazon, results are delivered through a two-step process. Firstly, they pull relevant results from their catalogue and then they rank them according to relevancy based on KEYWORD which was used to purchase products.

Let’s understand few things – in order to know how to get amazon product on page 1 – you need to check the number of total sales per day from those listings who are already one page 1 – you can check this number either from Jungle Scout / Viral Launch / Helium10.

Once you know that number – for example 12 sales per day to rank a specific keyword. which means you need 12 sales per day for next 10-14 days minimum.

in this scenario, it would be 120 total sales (12 x 10) you required in order to come on page 1 against specific keyword.

So requirement to come on page 1 is that you need 120 people who search your selected keyword and BUY your product!

These are the steps you need to take in order to bring your product on page 1.

  • Step 1: Listing fully Optimized with 15-20 Reviews in total as we taught you in our Sessions.
  • Step 2: Taking 15 Reviews from Facebook Many Chat / Bots, Rebate Key / Agents / Friends / Relatives (55 Orders in total so review rate does not get exceed more than 20% to 25%)
  • Step 3: Take all the above 55 orders via AMZLINKS or PIXELFLY as Rotator link against top 3 keywords
  • Step 4: Run Sponsored Ads based on the Strategy we have already put in Place. (Explained in Enablers Boot Camp Sessions)
  • Step 5: Use 65% Discount on your product against main keywords and generate sale on each day which are being recommended against specific keyword you are trying to rank with.
  • Step 6: Launch services can be used to generate above sales but needs to make sure Rotator link has been used – as long as your discount is not more than 65%
  • Step 7: You can also use people who can buy your products using SEARCH KEYWORD and BUY – Please ensure they buy daily by using Rotator links which you can get from AMZLINKS or Pixelfy

In the ABOVE steps which I mentioned – the GOAL was to generate 12 sales per day against your chosen keyword – so if in any steps you are getting more than 12 sales or can achieve more than 12 then you don’t need to do most of the steps because you should get organic orders by that time if and when you come on page 1.

Please note: Rotator Links should only be used if your product is NOT available in Search Results – ideally it needs to be SEARCH and BUY from the user per day against recommended daily sale.

If your giveaways are too high then go for 2nd smallest keyword to rank it which will then improve the main keyword as well as long as it is in broad match.

The above strategy for HOW TO RANK AMAZON PRODUCT TO PAGE 1 is TRIED / TESTED in many of our projects and has proved to be successful!.

Good Luck!

Saqib Azhar