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Hi All,

As I said Enablers 2020 Vision is going to be restlessness: the restlessness to discover the future possibilities and ENABLING our own Beloved Pakistan!

Under Enablers Platform we aim to create 2 Million jobs in next three years by 2023 and adding additional 50 Million Exports for International eCommerce Marketplaces.

As we all know Unemployment is one of the biggest issue in Pakistan, and my aim is to solve this issue to an extent I can. For this, we have recently introduced Enabling Series having all those training programs and courses which will help people to do businesses in International markets.

Our Enabling Series includes a number of business opportunities available all across Pakistan, not just online but also Face to Face. With these Enabling Series, my aim is to make 2 MILLION JOBS by 2023 and adding 50 MILLION EXPORTS from Pakistan via our Enablers Students. Currently Pakistani yearly export is $25 Billion and whereas stand alone we export $10 Billion textile to international markets where people source from us and sell it to third parties so it’s a huge opportunity we can utilize to source from Pakistan and sell it in International markets!

Now you guys must be wondering how Enablers going to make 2 million jobs by 2023!

Although it a challenging task, but if you are determined and clear about your vision, nothing can stand in your way. The primary purpose of our Enabling Series is to train people who are interested in doing the eCommerce business. We will make people able to start their own business, which in turn will become a source of employment for other people as well.

If we estimate that one trained successful eCommerce Business owner of Enablers family hires 10 people to handle his/her business, then for my mission to make 2 million jobs, we will train 200,000 people in these 3 years. It means that our annual target is to train 66,666 people who then create employment opportunity as an average 10 trained people to manage their businesses which means 200,000 x 10 = 2 Million Jobs!

As I said, Our ambition is to raise awareness and empower people in every city of Pakistan by guiding them through Enabling Series. We pride ourselves on having our ear to the ground with all the latest trends in the eCommerce field, and also on enabling our local population to build up businesses on the largest eCommerce platform.

All this will be done under my supervision and with the support of Enablers experts. Anyone who wants to be a part of my mission and wants to become a member of our Enablers family can get in touch

Saqib Azhar