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Prioritizing Keywords for Launch is VERY important as some sellers give up on a product and continue to BURN on big keyword, whereas there are some quick wins which can be looked at before you come on page 1 against main keyword.

Try to rank on long tail keyword initially with less competition.

When a keyword has more demand (i.e., is being searched for more frequently on Amazon), two things happen:

  1. The more sales that keyword will generate for products that show higher up in the search results
  2. The harder it is to rank for that keyword, since it means you have to achieve more daily sales to compete

While you do need to optimize your listing for the highest demand keywords, it is often more efficient to target lower demand, long-tail keywords that contain the high demand keywords in them

I recommend doing two things:

  1. First, achieve rank for your initial target keywords.
  2. Second, focus on targeting high demand keywords, when you have the reviews and conversion rates to compete.

After you are properly ranking, you should be at your target price, which means you can afford to spend more on advertising to achieve sales for more competitive keywords.

In most cases, there is a clear set of target keywords for a product. Sometimes, there are multiple different groups of keywords, since people describe products differently. When this happens, use the data to assess which group to target first.

Hope this helps.

Saqib Azhar