Enablers Opportunity Club

We are now starting Enablers Opportunity Club (EOC). This Club will be mainly for investors who will then be able to invest into business and combine the investment with other investors to build a Private Label Asset which will aim to take the asset value within 1 to 2 years for worth $1M.

How these Enablers
Opportunity Clubs would work?

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With all requirements and needs fulfilled by Enablers, E-commerce on Amazon was never so easy in Pakistan at all. Work with us and see how all your targets are met with utmost convenience.

Making Club

Each club would contain minimum $100k investment with $25k by each member so that means each Club would contain four (4) Club members to form $100k and 5th member would be Enablers Opportunity Club Head.


Our Vision is to create as many as Opportunity Club of $100k value.

Making Assets

Enablers will be taking the lead in each club to ensure all of the investor’s money has been put into right product which could be either buying an existing asset, dead listings or may be end up building an asset from scratch.


We will see whatever it takes to hit $1 Million worth of asset value which can then be sell out on Empire Flipper or to another Enablers Opportunity Clubs.


The Clubs would consist with different values such as one club may have $100k but the other Club may end up going with $1M depending on the investors and their courage to spend on this Amazon Business.

Account Management

This Amazon account will be managed by Enablers Club Head with the allocation of resource along with Sourcing Heads, Launchers and so on.

How Profit will be distributed

Each Club member will take the equal amount of profit so for instance in case of $100k Club members consist four investor in it + Enablers Club Head which means if $100k Club is making $10k profit then it will be equally distributed to all members but we expect to reinvest back into the business to continue to push forward without investing further into it.