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Graphic Design

Become a highly paid graphics designer while getting hands-on experience in numerous domains that will lead you to establish a freelancing career.

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Learn Graphic Designing

Learn the basics of graphic designing that will provide you with a hands-on experience in creating stunning graphical illustrations.

InDesign (Magazine, Catalog, Books)

Be an InDesign expert and work with leading marketing agencies for designing their magazine and catalog covers with excellence.

Fundamentals of Color Theory

Learn regarding color theory and implement the best insights from experts into creating stupendous graphically enhanced illustrations.

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Be an expert in Adobe Illustrator and learn to create stunning logo designs as well as conjure creative ideas for enhancing your graphical career.


Get hands-on experience in Canva designing while integrating the expertise with other domains for attractive and personalized results.


Be a SketchUp expert and integrate 3D modeling and designing techniques for working on numerous appealing projects.

Master of Adobe Photoshop

Get started on Adobe Photoshop from basics to advanced knowledge, enhancing your creative capabilities.