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Faisal Azhar, the co-founder and COO of Enablers, is a seasoned eCommerce business owner with over 25 years of experience in the industry. As an American-Pakistani, he has worked extensively in various international eCommerce markets. After spending 15 years in the United States, He decided to utilize his extensive knowledge and skills to contribute to the progress of his native country, Pakistan.

He exhorts Pakistanis to embrace the digital age and overcome their fears of failure and a lack of creativity, which impede Pakistan's advancement in the global eCommerce industry. Despite his achievements, He maintains his modesty and dedication to improving his nation.


Faisal Azhar, the founder of Enablers, is dedicated to creating opportunities for eCommerce growth in Pakistan. He shares his knowledge and experiences in captivating speeches, focusing on Taleem o Tarbiyat and character development to indoctrinate an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation. The aim is to provide a holistic education that boosts courage, strength, an entrepreneurial spirit, and academic excellence, creating socially conscious individuals who can positively impact their communities and the world. Enablers offer services that reflect Faisal Azhar's expertise in project leadership and eCommerce, aiming to help sellers access international markets. By providing the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes for effective leadership and entrepreneurship, Faisal Azhar and Enablers endeavour to empower the youth to become confident, independent, and successful individuals.

Faisal Azhar

A Leading Strategist and Motivator for Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Faisal Azhar, an expert in Project Execution with years of experience working with international clients, is dedicated to empowering Pakistani youth to establish their businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. His co-founding of Enablers aligns with his vision of sharing his knowledge and driving progress in Pakistan. Despite achieving numerous milestones, he remains humble and approachable.


He established Enablers after realising the necessity to use competent youth to support Pakistan's economy and provide avenues for passive income in Pakistan's eCommerce industry. With a small team, he conducted seminars, raised awareness, and provided training to the public, particularly the youth, to help them develop their eCommerce skills. Enablers quickly gained popularity and expanded to other countries, leaving a positive impact.

Working On Real Collaboration (WORC) has been introduced by Enablers across Pakistan in an effort to advance the eCommerce ecosystem and change the workplace culture. Which aims to improve Pakistan's eCommerce environment and workplace culture. The dream of Faisal Azhar was to make a fully functional, reasonably cost co-working environment for Pakistani business owners. More towards collaboration, enabling each other, knowledge transfer, and building agencies to provide international services, establish entrepreneur skills, etc.

He wants to broaden kids' possibilities for education because he cares deeply about Pakistan's next generation. This project aims to instil dimensional and Islamic values in the youth through character development, entrepreneurship, and a focus on Taleem o Trabiyah. SOE provides both Islamic and modern education, including a 3-year Hifz ul Quran Program. The goal is to prepare students for success in this life and the hereafter.

The most advanced education with international accreditation is provided in Pakistan through ECOT, a tech-based educational platform created in partnership with numerous universities. The formal education programs are concentrated on technology, entrepreneurship, and the ability to make rational business choices affecting the future financial well-being of young people especially. Further cooperation is anticipated to give students worldwide exposure and a global perspective.

Posh Notch is a clothing brand and online retailer that was founded in Pakistan with the goal of bringing class and elegance to all eastern and western clothing for both men and women. It's not just a brand but also a model for entrepreneurs to learn how to create a brand from scratch and make it successful by utilizing efficient marketing methods and brand-building techniques. Faisal Azhar managing this brand too with his exceptional abilities and professional marketing skills.