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Feb 28, 2024

Duration: 6 Weeks
Class Timing: To be mutually decided with students
Mode Of Training: Online

9,400 PKR

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INTRODUCING Freelancing Course

This bootcamp is intended to assist students who prefer working independently and remotely grow in their chosen fields. Two of the most well-liked internet marketplaces for freelancers right now are Fiverr and Upwork.

We'll demonstrate the strategies we've discovered to be most effective for earning money as a freelancer on both sites in this in-depth bootcamp. We will talk about the principles of freelancing in this meeting before introducing you to the most well-known freelance platforms accessible right now. Additionally, you'll discover how to sign up for an account with these sites so that you may be paid right away.

We'll discuss the challenges we've faced as independent contractors in this session as well as the methods we've used to deal with them. You will learn a number of techniques in this extensive course that will enable you to finish the job while still fulfilling all pertinent real-world criteria. How to interact with customers in a manner that is advantageous to both company and clients, to put it more specifically. Additionally, we'll go through how to promote your services to potential clients and get 5-star reviews for your products so that you may conduct the bulk of your business online.

In a word, this bootcamp provides a comprehensive guide for succeeding as a freelancer.

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Module Breakdown

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  1. Basics of Fiverr

    • Account creation
    • 7D Keyword Research and Category Selection
    • Pricing Strategies
  2. Ranking on Fiverr

    • Gig Creation and Publishing
    • Gig Ranking
    • Sustaining Ranking
  3. Handling Fiverr

    • Client Handling
    • Scaling on Fiverr
    • Fiverrs' algorithms
  4. Basics of Upwork

    • Account Creation
    • Account Approval
  5. Ranking on Upwork

    • Ranking on Upwork
    • Elements of a Perfect Cover Letter
    • Templates That Doesn't Look Like a Template
    • Mistakes When Submitting Proposals
    • How to Set Bids
  6. Handling Upwork

    • Handling Upwork
    • Key Hiring Criteria
    • Repeat Business
    • Upworks' algorithms
  7. Using Other Market Places

    • Guru
    • Freelancer
    • WorkChest
    • WorkChest
  8. Targeting Emerging Market Place