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Web Development

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Feb 28, 2024

Duration: 6 Weeks
Class Timing: To be mutually decided with Students
Mode Of Training: Online

12,700 PKR

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  • Explore New Techniques of WordPress installation and Maintenance
  • Designing User-Friendly Interface
  • Be a Professional to Get Job Opportunities
  • Polish Skills to Grab Clients for Your Freelance Business
  • Online Classes
  • Access to The Upgraded Private Enablers Community
  • Access to Enablers Facebook Public Groups
  • Ability to get Enablers Certificates if passes the assessment
  • FREE Access to Enabling Video Series (EVS v3.0) worth ($160)
Online Via Zoom

WordPress: Create a Website or Blog & Its Benefits

This course is geared for anyone, so you do not need prior experience with computer graphics or coding. WordPress enables you to create and maintain a website, even if you have no web design background. Whether you want to create a new website or blog, or manage an existing WordPress website, this class is for you.

Module Breakdown

Now…here’s something SUPER EXCITING that we have to share with you…

This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Enablers.

  1. Getting Started with WordPress

    • Creating a WordPress Site (Installing WordPress)
      • Installing WordPress with a Web Host’s “1-Click Install”
      • Manually Installing WordPress
    • Logging Into the WordPress Admin & General Site Settings
      • Logging Into the WordPress Admin
      • General WordPress Settings
      • Editing Your Profile
      • Setting Your Profile Picture (avatar)
    • Writing Posts & Formatting Text
      • Posts versus Pages
      • Creating a New Blog Post
      • Using the Visual Editor
      • Formatting Headings
      • Formatting Bulleted & Numbered Lists
      • Formatting Quotes
      • Publishing a Post
      • Deleting a Post
      • Restoring a Post from the Trash (or Deleting it Delete Permanently)
    • Publishing a Post (Making it Live)
      • Publishing a Post (Making it Live) Course
      • Status
      • Visibility
      • Publish Date & Time
    • Adding a Read More Link to a Post
      • Adding the Read More Tag
      • Changing the Text in the More Tag
    • Writing Posts & Formatting Text
      • Linking to Another Website
      • Opening a Link in a New Tab
      • Linking to a Page Within Your Site
      • Editing & Removing Links
    • Adding Images & Managing the Media Library
      • Adding an Image to a Post or Page
      • Editing Images (Manually Resizing, Cropping, & Rotating)
      • Media Settings (Customizing the Size of Thumbnail, Medium, & Large)
      • Adding a Featured Image
      • Uploading Images & Files Directly Into the Media Library
      • Editing & Deleting Images in the Media Library
      • Deleting Unused Images (Cleaning Out the Media Library)
    • Adding an Image Gallery
      • Adding an Image Gallery
      • Editing an Existing Image Gallery
    • Adding Video
      • Embedding YouTube Videos
      • Uploading a Video File
    • Diving Deeper into WordPress (Categories, Tags, & Reading Settings)
      • Categories & Tags Explained
      • Creating & Editing Categories
      • Changing the “Uncategorized” Default Category Name
      • Setting the Default Category
      • Creating & Editing Tags
      • Changing Categories/Tags for Multiple Posts
      • Reading Settings
    • Widgets
      • Editing & Adding Widgets
    • Making Pages
      • Pages versus Posts
      • Creating a New Page
      • Publishing a Page (Making it Live)
      • Deleting a Page
      • Changing the Page Order
    • Menus
      • About Menus & Locations
      • Adding & Removing Links in Menus
      • Creating Submenus
      • Opening Menu Links in a New Tab
    • Installing Themes
      • What Are WordPress Themes?
      • Where Do I Get WordPress Themes?
      • Installing & Activating a Theme
      • Manually Uploading & Activating a Theme
      • Deleting a Theme
    • Customizing Theme Appearance
      • Customizing Appearance
      • Customizing the Site Identity (Logo, Title, & Tagline)
      • Adding a Site Icon (Favicon)
      • Customizing the Header
      • Customizing Colors
    • Changing the Template Layout for a Page/Post
      • Changing a Template Layout
    • WordPress Plugins: About, Installing, & Updating
      • About WordPress Plugins
      • Installing a WordPress Plugin
      • Updating Plugins
    • WordPress Plugins You May Want to Install
      • Recommended WordPress Plugins
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      • Creating SEO-Friendly Permalinks (URLs) for the Site
      • Customizing the URL of an Individual Page/Post
      • Setting Titles & Meta Descriptions with an SEO Plugin
    • Customizing WordPress
      • Page Builders: Customizable Page Layouts
      • Theme Builders:
      • Control the Website’s Look
      • Child Themes Custom Post Types
      • Advanced Custom Fields
    • WordPress Best Practices