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enablers school/college franchise

Vocational Orientation
Supplementary Education
Support with Core Subjects

Overarching Vision

To promote an innovative and creative educational experience for the student enablement with potential learning strategies giving them a solid foundation to build on.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to pursue higher standards of education to empower the students with top-notch, superlative, comprehensive and high-level knowledge by providing them a supportive, inclusive and stimulating educational environment which will enable them to surpass and transcend in all fields as independent long-life learners. We aim to ensure that our students embrace learning, based on a broad and balanced curriculum.


  1. An educated citizen who comprehends the significance of quality education.
  2. Retired/Serving principals, Professors, Academics, Civil or Military Officers and seasoned professionals with a vision for educational excellence.
  3. Expatriates who are interested in establishing their own business in Pakistan.
  4. Existing institutes/ tuition centers operative at large scale interested in converting their campuses into Enablers Educational Institution.
  5. Property owners who are interested in utilizing their property for a profitable business.


  1. Higher rate of success than independent startups with an affordable investment plan, lower financial risk and feasibility assistance.
  2. Effective systems and controls facilitated by manuals and Standardized Operational Procedures (SOP).
  3. Backing of a strong corporate entity with a reputable background in the education sector.
  4. Access to modern-day pedagogical strategies and ongoing research and development.
  5. Enhanced social status as an educational entrepreneur.
  6. Opportunity to expand your institution due to ever-increasing demand for good schools and colleges.

Franchise Options

  1. Joint Venture Model

    Option # 1

    Enablers will contribute 20% of the total amount with the Franchisee in the operational cost. Similarly, Enablers will be 20% shareholder in total generated revenue other than Royalty.

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    Option # 2

    Enablers will contribute 50% of the total amount with the Franchisee in the operational cost (with the administration rights) and 50% shareholder in the revenue other than Royalty.

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  2. Franchisee Model:

    Administration rights will be given to the franchisee and Enablers will take the royalty on Gross Revenue (Depending upon the number of students).

  3. Franchisee Model:

    Master Franchisor will hand over the control of franchising operations in a specific city or a specific region.