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I HAVE ACHIEVED RANK, NOW WHAT? – [Je main page 1 per a gya hon or ab kya kron?]

I get this too much all the time Je main page 1 per a gya hon or ab kya kron ? means i’ve Achieved Rank, Now What?

Do the following, after achieving rank, to continue your momentum PLEASE:

  • Continually monitoring your rank, sales, and reviews
  • Plan your future promotional campaigns to continually spike your sales velocity, when necessary
  • Consider sending a monthly promotion to your ManyChat list.
  • Monitor new competition, and defend on price when needed
  • Understand the seasonality of your product.
  • Check your Impression vs Sales and understand why you are not getting organic orders (in case your listing not converting- check your images vs Competitor images along with Price etc)
  • Keep track of when you need to place a second order, to ensure that you don’t run out of stock

Unless you have a strong brand presence and social proof off of Amazon, the marketplace always dictates your price.

Make sure you are staying on top of things by doing the following:

  • Check market demand using the Helium 10 tool
  • Test different prices—you may find that being a few dollars cheaper than your target can sell more products, and make you more profitable overall
  • Analyse this using competitor data from the Helium 10 tool
  • Don’t price yourself out of the market when reducing prices could generate more sales, gain more rank, and make you more profitable.


Saqib Azhar