Enablers brings Enablers Investment Group (EIG) for the investors who are looking to invest in successful listings that are out of Burning Phase and making Profit. These listings will be announced in the group and will be marked as open for investors to Invest.

How Investment will work: (for example)

  • If a listing is making profit of $5000 per month, the listing valuation will be based on multiplier of 20 months which is $5000 x 20=$100000/-. This would be Sellers discretion how much equity he wants to sell in the listing, If he wants to sell 50% of equity the investor would be paying 50% of the Per Month Profit Multiplied by 20 times which is a multiplier of 20x.
  • For Example, 50% equity valuation of $100,000 in this case would be $50,000. This would be the amount required to become shareholder in the listing making $5000 per month, counted as the goodwill seller has taken with investment of $50,000

Now, the question comes – who will be continuing to do all the work, expenses and further investments to expand the listing?

Here is the answer to that question:

  • Once the investor has paid the initial equity amount in the form of goodwill, he will be shareholder of 50% in the listing, making him liable to be partner in 50% of profits + investment + expenses.
  • This is a great opportunity for students who are running successful listings.
  • I would like to ask all the students to start thinking of getting investors in your successful listings if you are struggling with more investment to grow. Getting investors will ease out your cash flows and make more space for you to grow. This will result in making more room for you and your business to grow.