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The Man behind Emerging eCommerce Revolution in Pakistan!

Saqib Azhar is a top-rated eCommerce mentor of Pakistan. He is the co-founder and CEO of renowned eCommerce international platform Enablers, which has now become the largest eCommerce network following 30+ Offices and well-equipped co-working spaces named WORC around the globe. In this capacity, he is constantly making efforts to provide a seamless experience through ongoing support to Pakistani who want to excel in the eCommerce business and miscellaneous digital earning platforms.


He is Pakistan's well-known top-notch eCommerce mentor and public speaker who has changed millions of people into a passive income mindset. He aims to educate people with eCommerce skills and generate PKR 10 Billion per month revenue by 2025. He is determined to create Pakistan as an eCommerce hub by empowering the youth with an entrepreneurial mindset and has been successfully changing the culture of Pakistan with learning skills. This is only the start; there is much more to come in forthcoming years.

Enabling Video Series

By taking people through his extraordinary Enabling Video Series, he hopes to increase awareness and empower individuals in every city in Pakistan. Among the eCommerce community, this initiative is considered the bible of eCommerce. He takes satisfaction in keeping up with all the latest innovations in the eCommerce field, as well as assisting local Pakistani community in establishing Amazon businesses on the largest platform of the world.

eCommerce by Enablers

Fostering relations and providing 24/7 support to numerous like-minded individuals that are determined for the growth of eCommerce in the country, Saqib Azhar founded what is now the World’s largest social media group by the name of “eCommerce by Enablers”.


Due to his excellence in the domain and being one of the most updated people with the knowledge of eCommerce, Saqib Azhar has been acknowledged as a member of the “Board of Patron” in the Youth Parliament of Pakistan.

He understands the importance of useful literature and believes in dynamic education that passes on to the generations. He is the author of “Learn the Art of Making Passive Income”, the book discusses methods of generating passive income with various elaborated eCommerce models, knowledge of working with eCommerce platforms, and dropshipping methods, and “The Power of Positive Thinking” about nurturing a positive attitude towards life, gaining confidence, making realistic goals, and measuring your success, learn empathy, and manage anger, faith, and pursue a positive mindset. Many other books are at the last stages of completion.


Awarded the Best eCommerce Company Award 2020 at the 3rd Jadeed Pakistan Conference and Awards 2020.
Recognized internationally by brands, including JungleScout, Helium10, Payoneer, etc. Selected by UNDP as an ambassador of the Youth Development Program in KPK, Pakistan.

eCommerce Institutes

Saqib Azhar dreams of a Pakistan where youth can think like an entrepreneur and implement their digitalized ideas to generate income through different earning streams. He plans to launch the Enablers Institutes all over Pakistan in the next few months to teach eCommerce skills, kill non-practical approaches, enhance entrepreneurship eco-system, and provide the greatest exposure of practical experience to the asset of Pakistan.