Saqib Azhar, CEO & Co-Founder of Enablers, is a British Pakistani with years of experience in eCommerce, technology, digital marketing, and selling products on International eCommerce Channels. After spending 15 years of his life in the UK, he decided to serve Pakistan by sharing his knowledge and helping people build their eCommerce businesses on international markets such as Amazon.

Saqib aim’s to give back my knowledge to bring a positive change in Pakistan to encourage people to start their own multi-million an online international business and help build the economy of Pakistan and empower our youth, businesses and increasing exports to bring foreign income in Pakistan via eCommerce Platforms like Amazon.

CEO & Co-Founder

CEO & Co-Founder of Enablers, British Pakistani with 15+ years of experience in Technology and digital marketing. Worked as a Consultant for companies in Pakistan, the UK, the Middle East, and other parts of the World. Expert in lead generation, conversion optimization, and revenue generation.

Selected by UNDP

One of the most prestigious moments for Saqib Azhar was when he was interviewed by the representatives of the UN. With time and effort, he became quite notable and was selected by the United Nations Development Program UNDP Pakistan for Youth Development Program in KPK, Pakistan.

Ecommerce Hub

Saqib Azhar is determined to create Pakistan an eCommerce hub by empowering the youth with an entrepreneurial mindset. He wants to give back his knowledge to bring a positive change in Pakistan to encourage people to start their own multi-million online international business and help build the economy of Pakistan.

Empower Youth

Saqib’s ambition is to raise awareness and empower people in every city of Pakistan by guiding them through Enabling Series. He prides himself on having an ear to the ground with all the latest trends in the eCommerce field, and also on enabling our local population to build up businesses on Amazon


Saqib has a dynamic approach to analytics and business development strategies. With his experience and skills, he has worked with numerous companies in the UK, Middle East, and other countries as a consultant.

Ecommerce Group

Fostering relations with numerous like-minded individuals that were determined for the growth of eCommerce in the country, Saqib founded what is now the World’s largest social media group by the name of “eCommerce by Enablers.”

Youth Parliament

Due to his excellence in the domain and being one of the most updated people with the knowledge of eCommerce, Saqib Azhar has been acknowledged as a member of the “Board of Patron” in the Youth Parliament of Pakistan.


Having a diverse set of expertise, Saqib is well-known for his competencies and accomplishments in lead generation, Amazon FBA, Facebook ads, Dropshipping, conversion optimization, and revenue generation via international channels.

Best Seller

Saqib is one of the best sellers on Groupon, Walmart, eBay, and other international eCommerce platforms.

eCommerce Guru

Saqib Azhar is renowned for his triumphs as an eCommerce Guru, successfully running multiple companies in the US and Pakistan

Over 15 Years of Experience

With 15+ years of experience, Saqib Azhar has a plethora of knowledge regarding diverse project management skills on different platforms.

Book Publications

Saqib Azhar is the author of “Learn the Art of Making Passive Income.” The book discusses methods of generating passive income with various elaborated eCommerce models, knowledge of working with eCommerce platforms, and dropshipping methods.


Awarded the Best eCommerce Company Award 2020 at the 3rd Jadeed Pakistan Conference and Awards 2020.
Recognized internationally by brands, including JungleScout, Helium10, Payoneer, etc. Selected by UNDP as an ambassador of the Youth Development Program in KPK, Pakistan.

Community Impact

Enablers’ students have generated over $45 million within 2 years, leading to the country grow more than $5 million for 2020. Saqib envisions 2 million jobs with over 200,000 businesses that would help Enablers’ students to reach 10 billion PKR in the upcoming years.

Achievements of saqib azhar

Saqib Azhar has now become the face of the eCommerce industry of Pakistan, navigating the journey for the countrymen towards a successful eCommerce hub. Along with his team, Enablers was awarded as the Best eCommerce Organization for the year 2020, just 2 years after its establishment.

In addition, Saqib Azhar has been recognized internationally by several brands, including JungleScout, Helium10, Payoneer, etc. With his efforts, several organizations, both local and global, are now collaborating with Enablers to smoothen entrepreneurial growth in the country.

Moreover, his outstanding achievements in the domain and skillfulness have earned him a position amongst high ranks of UNDP. He’s the first person to establish eCommerce incubation centres in reputed universities of Pakistan.

Furthermore, Saqib Azhar has taken multiple initiatives to boost the eCommerce success of the country. The venture for the establishment of the “Pakistan eCommerce Association,” and inclusion of cryptocurrency course in EVS are some of the amazing steps taken by him. Representing eCommerce growth in the country, Saqib Azhar has inspired millions to begin their Amazon eCommerce journey and contribute towards the growth of the country.

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