Abbad Farooq


Abbad Farooq is one of the very first students of Enablers boot camp. Belonging to Lahore, this young man attended the very first Seminar of Enablers held in Lahore in August 2018. He started with $15k investment, and today MASHA ALLAH, his revenue is $28k/Month with 23% Profit Margin. We asked him a few questions to reveal his incredible journey to our followers which are as follow:

Why you choose Enablers?

After getting training from Enablers, I wanted to work with the best guys in town. So, I hired Enablers Team to manage my complete Amazon Business since they are professional and know what to be done in order to get success on Amazon.

How did Enablers help you?

Enablers did the complete product discovery for me, helping me in sourcing, management of my account, and now Alhamdulillah, after the successful launch in the USA, we are growing in Europe. I highly recommend if anyone is in need of managing their business on Amazon, then Enablers is an excellent choice.

Was it easy from the start?

I am a Serial young Businessman and worked days and nights to achieve these figures. Although it was a slow journey due to my other commitments, but now, I am working full time on my Amazon business to expand it.

I took 1:1 training session with Saqib Azhar and also watched the latest videos for training by Enablers, which were mainly for the purpose of boosting sales. I picked up things quickly and ended up implementing Enablers Blitz Rank against my listings. I thank Enablers for their support in helping me become a successful Amazon seller.

Were you excited after your first interaction with Enablers?

The training session of Enablers motivated me a lot to do the Amazon business. After the Seminar, I left for 40 days Hajj, and even from Makkah, Saudi Arabia, I called Saqib Azhar. I thanked him for introducing an amazing business opportunity with me and said that I would appoint his team.

What is your profit margin?

I started with around $15k investment and now continue to add more listings/variations in my current products. All is being sourced from China with a profit margin of 23%.