Abdul Sami


My name is Abdul Sami from VA Batch 5 Multan. Today I will discuss my journey that how I managed to earn πŸπŸ‘πŸ“πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ even at the age of πŸπŸ“. My journey started after my matric exams. After my exams I was free due to corona then my mother and me wanted that I should learn any skill and use my time productively. Me and my mother started searching of any platform through which I can learn skills and use my time in any creative work. Then one day my mother saw the interview of Sir Saqib Azhar with Sir Qasim Ali Shah and Sir Saqib Azhar introduced Enablers and told this that how a normal person having no investment can earn through learning the skills of Amazon Virtual Assistant. My mother got interested and then I got enrolled in the Enablers Virtual Assistant Course.

My first online motivational class with Sir Saqib Azhar and Sir Qasim Ali Shah was on 8 August,2020 and then my life changing journey started. My 2nd class was of F2F with Sir Omar Tariq, he is a very amazing mentor and Sir Omar Tariq supports me on every step of my journey. After Allah Almighty and my parents Sir Omar Tariq is the person due to which I can be a successful person. After taking my first class I was totally demotivated because I am studying a totally different field (of Medical) but then I prayed and told Allah Almighty to give me the power to be a successful person in this field and till now Alhumdullilah I am moving forward step-by-step.
But to make it very clear I really worked hard to achieve this milestone ,at start I worked for 4-5 hours daily than I realized that I have to give more time and hard work so I even worked for 12 hours a day continuously , and that was possible because that time my school was off and I was free so I instead of wasting my time utilized it in a productive way and achieved the success.
After my course I had approved my 2 products of both USA and UK Market and even after 1 week I have sold my first approved product of USA Market.
And then my international clients contacted me of 5 different countries.
I sold my first keyword and competitor Analysis in November and in the same month I have sold my second approved product for UK Market. Then I started learning PPC in quarter 4 and after 1 week I have got certified from Amazon and clients told me to hire for A to Z launch but due to Q4 they can’t. Then I sold out one product in Q4. Now I have one seller central and my 2 launches are on pending due to the spread of corona in China and also because of their New Year. And I the student of FSC Part 1 and I am giving proper time to my study with my job.
Now my goal for 2021 is to deal my clients on Upwork and Fiverr and rank my profile to the first page and to do my launches successfully.
I believe that being a Pakistani my success is the success of Pakistan and my dream is to turn the dream of Sir Saqib Azhar in reality. I am really greatfull to Sir Omar Tariq to be with me till now. And I wish that I will make myself more successful so that I can meet Sir Saqib Azhar live. I am also thankful to Almighty Allah to help me and my parents that they have make this decision and my teacher to guide me.
In the last I will say to everyone that if I can do even in the age of πŸπŸ“ then I think anyone can do but the need is to have a start.