Abdul Wahab Khan


I am the student of VA BATCH 5 Karachi trained by Virtual Assistant Head of Karachi Sir Saqib Intizar, so here I am starting My Success Story by the Grace of ALLAH Almighty who gives Sun to Rise, Star to Shine and I to Speak. BACKGROUND Starting from the Pandemic days, I worried because Covid_19 days were going on and My Father Company where he is working got shut down as per the worst situation of that time, I was really worried as I am the Eldest among in My Siblings so what should I do now and I started to find the job related to my field but I didn’t get any, my friend left me alone too and I am lonely Person at that time. But I always believe in ALLAH and keep struggling with the Passion. As I studied Bachelors in Software Engineering from Sir Syed University, in my final year I was thinking to do work that is hassle-free and without any Pressure of the Management or the Boss.

I wished to do Business since My childhood and I visualized this kind of charm in this E-commerce Business. I always understand Sir Saqib as My Elder brother he always takes me as his younger brother and motivates me.
I was seeking the job as I was in the final year but I didn’t get the opportunity from any Software House then it seems after getting 16 years of Education, I am standing at nowhere, some days pass on at 18th June, I watched one Video related to Amazon, after watching that I start searching that who is best fitted as according to my situation so I see Enablers as my next medium and enrolled in the ongoing Batch in August 2020.
After Enrolled in the BATCH 5, I learned to hunt the Product perfectly and after learning those skills, I sold my Enablers Approved Product around $200 during the training and after selling the Product I feel more motivated then I never look back, My Next client was from Virginia US, she is foreigner and gave me the task to research the Product, I took $250 with her and completed my given task successfully. I also ran two PPC Campaigns one person was from US and other person was from UK. Both Seller gave me $400 Now currently I have 2 clients one is form USA and other is from UK, after the Product goes Live they assure me to give $500 and £500 per month.
I also enhance my knowledge by creating Company in UK, how to create TransferWise Business, VYKE and also create Payoneer Business Account and Amazon Account Creation
Right Now I am working as an SSM of Sir Fawad Umar in the Enablers Karachi Office.
Alhamdulillah! Enablers give chances to the well deserve and dedicated Students in Amazon Journeys.
Thank you!
Abdul Wahab Khan
Saqib Intizar Danish Khalil Fawad Umar
“Don’t compare yourself to anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself”
– Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation