Abu Ahmed


Alhamdulillah, with the grace of Almighty Allah we have successfully got very close to our 2nd-month target of $10K sales in a month, and last month Dec 2020 ended up with $8063 (15% Profit) sales with many surprises, hurdles, and few losses (inventory lost at Amazon). The new year 2021 started with a good pace and we have $10.35K (20%+ Profit) sales in just 10 days. We are very hopeful to achieve our target to cross $20K+ sales InshAllah by the end of this month. We are also working on our 2nd Amazon account and soon it will be at the same levels. I would like to share the problems we faced at the start

· No response from brands or brands are not allowing to sell on Amazon
· Delay in order processing by brands/distributors due to Q4
· Delayed inventory processing by Amazon at FBA centers due to Q4 (Two shipments took 1 month to check-in)
· Inventory lost/misplaced by Amazon for two shipments (worth $1200)
· Variations listing with no sales (although tools showing good sales rank)
· Amazon surprise entry to the listing, resulting in no Buy Box
Lessons learned during these months to reach this level
· As a new seller, we should avoid variation listing because all tools show stats of main ASIN or we should monitor for a few days to see sales
· Your first inventory should be a small quantity for testing and if it performs well then you can order large quantities according to sales volume and your share in sales.
· Before ordering any inventory monitor sales of that specific listing manually for a few days
· At the start always use Amazon FSNKUs rather than manufacturer labels to avoid inventory misplacement at FBA centers
· If you are not getting a response from Brands which is most likely, then find distributors and wholesalers even you have low margins but these active listings will help you to get brands approvals in future
· Initially you should work on the listing which doesn’t require brand approval to sell, although there will be competitions as it’s open for everyone. Also, make sure to keep proper invoices.
I hope all this will help and encourage everyone who is struggling to start a successful Amazon FBA Wholesale business. It’s not impossible but definitely requires dedication and patience to be successful. In the end, I would like to thank my Mentor, Sir Sajjad Naseer for their support at all levels and Saqib Azhar to provide us a platform to be an entrepreneur.