Adil Irfan


Adil Irfan is one of the oldest students of Enablers Boot Camp. Belonging to Quetta, this young guy did a lot of experiments and went through a lot to be a successful seller on Amazon. After many trials and errors, today, he is cracking around 40k monthly revenue. We asked him about his experiments, and here’s what he shared with us:

How many units did you sell in the starting?

I constantly sell 100 units per day for 30 days. Enablers is a life changer. Follow the guidance provided by Enablers and stick to it no matter how many obstacles are there on the way. It will worth it when you will get enormous success afterward.

What is your monthly revenue?

All thanks to Saqib Azhar and his team Enablers that today I am making around 40k revenue per month. I have learned a lot from Enablers and still learning.

How much do you spend on your ad from your revenue?

Lately, my ad expenditure was much more than I wanted it to be. It’s 500$ a week, making it 2,000 dollars a month. Consider this while looking at my monthly revenue of about 40k.

What is the big reason for your success?” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:left

I am now doing this full time since I started, and the big reason for my success was my product that now has two variations. The first variation was great in the peak season.

How you managed to be on top?

My 2 products are from the same category, the same subcategory, but they aren’t the same product. I wanted to rule the subcategory, and I did so. I managed to be on top 5 of my subcategories for both my products.

What is your conversion rate?

I have about 400 sessions visitors across my 2 products with a phenomenal 25% conversion rate. This is approximate, of course.

What were the hurdles that you faced throughout your journey?

There are many hurdles on the way, and one of them is the rubbish reviews by low-life competitors. I’ve got a bunch of them, and the only way to fight them is by working extra hard on getting 10 great reviews after each rubbish review. It’s easier, though, when your sales are about 100 a day, so just following up and messaging clients who purchased the products asking them to leave reviews is a great way to keep reviews coming. But never write rubbish reviews for others and don’t play this horrible game. Only concentrate on being the best you can, AND RESPOND (comment) to all reviews bad or good.

Are you converting Facebook traffic too?

No Facebook traffic at all! I tried it, and it’s very hard in my niche for some reason. I will try some more, but currently, I’m not doing any FB ads for my products. However, I do have a Facebook page for my brand that I pamper with a daily post and pay 5 dollars a day for new likes. It currently has 5k likes. I use Amazon ads and some Google AdWords.