Afaq Chaudhary


I hope you all are fine. I am going to share my small achievement from $0 to more than $1000. I am 21 years old VA Batch 6 student and my mentor is Sir Sajjad. I am a silent learner in this group. My journey starts in Covid peak time. I joined the group and start reading post and success stories. I am not much dedicated in the start but as time passes and I get involved my dedication goes to next level. I start my journey with shopify dropshipping work for clients build their stores and run them. In the mean time I also started learning about amazon. After getting my first income I joined the virtual assistant training program and paid my fee by my own and learn A to Z. I am currently working with a team and doing a launch in UK. The whole journey was full of experience. I just want to add something dedication, dedication to learn something will leads you towards success. Don't run towards money, run to gain knowledge, skills it will lead you towards success. Thank you everyone, enablers team and Sir Sajjad thank you.