Asaad Amjid Mirza


I was an intelligent but careless in my student life, my aim was to join Pakistan Army so after matric I took admission in GOVT college for FSC Pre Engineering and Alhamdulillah failed in first year in Chemistry and Math,

I was an intelligent but careless in my student life, my aim was to join Pakistan Army so after matric I took admission in GOVT college for FSC Pre Engineering and Alhamdulillah failed in first year in Chemistry and Math,

Baba gave me coverage not to worry and work hard to accomplish your goal so I worked even harder in 2nd year even I used to study whole nights and Alhamdulillah I got 2 more supplies in 2nd year as well , so 2 in 1st year 2 in 2nd year 😀
Just because my concepts was not cleared in early classes about math and science subjects and I was trying to do Rattalization anyhow my baba still supported me and that time I decided to do in Arts and I chosed arts subjects for my Inter and in 20 Days I prepared myself for exam of 6 new books and Alhamdulillah this time I passed with a good percentage then did Graduation, I applied for Comission in Pak army , passed all my tests in Rawalpindi and then for finals I was sent to ISSB Kohat where I performed awesome among all 200 Candidates but somehow they did not considered me for ARMY and at the second chance I got accident and shoulder goy broken and was not able to join anymore..

My baba was so upset and sad for me as he knew that was my dream to be an army officer anyhow after a few months my BABA died due to heart attack in 2014 and I went helpless as no one there to hold my hand and to guide me the proper direction, I tried doing some business by taking borrowed but did not worked.. so i went to UAE to find some job but did not got as they were asking for GULF experience which I did not had
At last I got job there of SHOE SHINER, my work was to polish the shoes of the people by standing in front of a stall in Big Malls, I worked for a few days but my heart was not satisfied with that job because I had to polish the shoes of Indians and other non-Muslims, that felt to me some kind of irrrespectful for my country (you may be disagree) so I left that job, then I started working in a warehouse where my work was to unload & load the trucks, as I was 21 years old slim and weak guy so I was not able to do that job properly but I did for a few weeks and then due to sharp pain in lower back I needed to left that job , At the time my visit visa was expired so I came back to Pakistan and at the next day I went on some travel agency to get the job and I was given the job but salary was too low which was 3500 PKR, I worked there for more than a year and was trying to do many online things like youtubing, Graphic designing but did not got the online work
In 2017 one of my friend told me that there in Jhelum a US brand is hiring people to train and hire as amazon expert, I was not aware what amazon is.. anyhow I submitted my CV there and went for interview , they took some tests which I cleared easily, at orientation meeting there were fellows some came after doing ACCA from UK , some MBA etc. and I was thinking I have done BA what will be my work here , I will be kicked off soon from here
Anyhow training started along with daily tests which I cleared easily and finally become the part of their amazon VA team, I started working with dedication and at the first week of joining I was supposed to get one of the biggest client of company so I became the member of the Team A and learnt many things from there, worked for multiple clients, I got many opportunities to promote as team lead or assistant team lead but my shyness and lack of confidence was the hurdle there, anyhow I worked there from 7:30 PM to 5:00 AM and along with that I created ID on fiverr to give my services apart from the job , i started getting orders at the time due to low competition of amazon service providers, so after the job at 5:00 I used to go home, offer the fajar and then start working on the fiverr project for 4 – 5 hours with sleepy red eyes but I had the intention that this time I am not going to give up and will must be successful, at that time I saw enablers and other institutes were emerging and initiating the bootcamps which I decided to enroll to see what else I can learn, my salary was 18K and I was saving money by my freelancing projects, but after a few months some breathing issue occurred due to allergy problem and I was told to undergo the Septoplasty surgery which was going to cost me 2 Lac which I did not had, I had less but my friends helped me and im thankful to them for this, so I used my savings and udhhaar on the surgery , during surgery they took some grafts for cartilage from my leg which wound went worse and I was not able to walk properly , my sick leave and contract was going to expire and company was asking me to come and renew the contract and I told them im not in situation to even stand so I wil come one recover a bit and they said ok , but after a few days I got email that you did not came at the expiry date of your contract so you are not our employ anymore , I was addicted of the accidents 😀 so I said ok no problem , as I had the enough knowledge so I was hopeful tht I will get clients..

I started being active in gora groups of amazon sellers and provided them solution of their amazon selling issues, one filpino girl reached at me as she said she is working as va for a US Client and having some issues which I solved for her, she approached me many times and I solved her issues and one day she approached me by saying that my client is looking for some amazon expert as you helped me a lot so I want you to join us , i was happy as that was going to be my first personal client, she spoke to me and got impressed by my knowledge and offered me $300 a month for 3 hours a day work, that was the time I realized hard work always pays off, I worked in 300 PKR and after 2 years I was getting $300 , anyhow I worked for her and after that many clients came and I earned many $300 even I don’t remember how much,,

I am enabler’s boot camp student, I am VA course student, , I am learning, doing implements and earning ALHMDULILLAH, this process wont be stopped ever
Oh yeah one more thing as I mentioned above that my baba was sad and burst into tears when I was rejected by ISSB and he prayed ALLAH will bless with a lot to my SON and Alhamdulillah TODAY my own house is under construction and will be completed soon inshaALLAH
The thing I want you guys to understand, never lose hope or faith in ALLAH, if you’re going through the bad days of life that means ALLAH is preparing you for the best you are going to achieve in future.
Don’t camplain just work but in right direction, I could work hard in shoe shiner but what I would get?? Nothing
I chosed to work in AMAZON field and giving my days and nights to it along with I am still down to earth,, whtever I earn I help the creatures of ALLAH with my earning, with my blood or anything they need, when I do that ALLAH blesses me with even more
The ones who are new at this field, I advise you to be the keera of amazon, if you cannot afford the asset creation , you can be the service provider and can easily earn $1000 a month that is very very enough for someone in Pakistan to feed their family and live a satisfied life

Don’t run to Europe or Gulf countries to be the slave, the goraas which made fun of my English in my past are today calls me sir, brother, dear , mate , angel just because I am profitable for them.