Asif Mehmood


My name is Asif Mehmood and today I would like to share my success story with all of you. Firstly, I'd like to thank to Almighty Allah who gave me this opportunity to be able to share my success story with all of you. Moreover, I also would like to thank to my family specially my parents who prayed for me and encouraged me to do so.

I’d like to thank to sir SAQIB AZHAR and the entire team of the Enablers, for giving me a chance to make myself eligible for digital marketing and work as a freelancer.
It would’ve never be possible for me if the Enablers didn’t give me access on thier #Free course.
They created this awesome and supporting platform for everyone to learn, apply and achieve their life goals.
I am thrilled to share my little success story with all you with this hope that you admire it and learn from it.
So, I joined to EVS on 11th November, 2020. After two month I approached an amazing client through the Enablers platform. My client was from Dubai, he contacted through post chat and then DM me on my WhatsApp and got a little introduction about myself. Afterward, he gave me a chance to hunt and source a product with profitable margins for wholesale purpose. It was a big chance for me to prove myself and I did. I was pleased to have this challenge. I have a few days to give him a product as per his requirements. I tried my best and I did it. I hunted a few products and sent him to check if it matches with his requirements.
He was elated with my work and rewarded me as well. Now, I am confident enough that he will hire me as a virtual assistant because he’s planning to launch his new brand and showed his interest as well.
I’d like to dedicate this to my all those friends who are disappointed and saying it’s not possible, Believe me everything is possible if you have passion to do it. Just do the hard work and be patient.
Most importantly, think possitive because if I can do this then you can too. Moreover, the interesting part is I hunted that product on mobile device not laptop because I don’t have laptop due to some financial issues, but now I bought my first laptop on my very first earnings. So, some people might say, how’s that possible without laptop? The answer is ver simple that everything is possible if you’re sincere with your work and have some strong goals to do it.
To conclude this, I’d like to thank to sir SAQIB AZHAR and the entire team of the Enabler once again, because they introduce me this great platform and taught me how to be patient and sincere with my work. I would like to thank to all of you for reading my success story and for appreciation as well. I’d like to go by leaving this little note here that never be #disappointed, never be #hopeless and never be #prejudice, you will be successful too, just keep pushing yourself no matter what circumstances or situation is.
Keep smiling, keep motivated and stay blessed!