Azib Shahzad


Azib Shazaad is one of our Enablers Boot Camp Student who Joined in April from Gujranwala – it’s all Private Label FBA. Over the next several days he is anticipating to hit over $50k even without what’s showing from the FB campaign.he is now constantly selling 70+ units per day for the past 30 days! it is great to see Private label is changing people’s life.

Just stick to it no matter how many obstacles are along the way! It’s so worth it.
His products are from the same category, the same sub category but they aren’t the same product. he wanted to rule the sub category he is in so right now, he is in the top 5 of subcategory for both his products.
He has been out of inventory for some weeks!

These are some fact for this success story.

1- He started with $18k investment
2- Sourcing products from China and Pakistan (2 Products)
3- 24% Profit Margin after all burning.
4- He uses Enablers Blitz Rank to improve his ranking against specific keywords.
5- He started this account and product in April 2019
6- He has 150+ reviews on his listing now.

Credit also goes to Qasim Zia Malik (Enablers Gujranwala Ambassador / Lead Trainer) who has been training Azib Shazaad throughout his journey.
Lastly, it should be noted that the increased expenditure in advertising has had a hit on overall profit margins. based on the plan he predict to make 44-46% margin when he hits soon $50K. Enablers and their Mentors will monitor closely and help him acheive $50k this year inshAllah.
Hope this post has helped in some ways for those who have been struggling – not matter what KEEP GOING!