Basit Tufail

Farhan tahir approved my products few days ago and yesterday my inventory reached Amazon Warehouse.

ALHAMDULILLAH , within 24 hours I got more than 20 orders and the new orders are coming in quite strong. I would like to thank Farhan Tahir for his brilliant training, his mentorship and his guidance at each step due to which I am able to get strong sales even during my training.

My advice to all new-comers and existing students, get the training with your mentor whether you are in a group or 1:1 sessions, with your hard-work and the guidance of your mentor, you will gain tremendous success in a matter of days, I am the practical example here.

Also, 3 VA’s have been doing internship with me and they are really good at their work. If anyone wants to avail their services, feel free to reach them.