SUCCESS STORY OF Bilal Sirbuland

Bilal Sirbuland


27th September 2020 I attended PC Lahore Seminar with 2 of my friends. Heard Sir Saqib Azhar for 5 minutes and we were like "We have to learn this Eco System right away. Enrolled myself in Private Label Batch 13 Boot Camp with absolutely 0️⃣ knowledge of Amazon. Our boot camp finished in December 2020 and today is January 21st 2021 and this is screenshot of One of my listings... Are you still doubtful about this Eco System being working or not?? 🤔 During PL Boot Camp I decided to Enable this wonderful Enablers family with whatever little knowledge I had, made videos and shared series of Amazon account creation starting from Buying a VYKE Sim till getting a Video Call interview, and the response was just beyond words... Thousands of messages I receive everyday and so many people have successfully created Amazon accounts just by watching those videos and this feeling is Priceless.. Just want to Thank my dearest mentor Sir Khurram Khalid who made all this happen in fact. ❤️❤️ It's been less then a week since we went live and look at the sales and the best part is that last 4 days without a single penny spent on PPC... All organic orders coming and we are Alhamdulilah ranked on page 1. 🎈🎈 Talking about Margins - 20% margins right now with really low pricing - Once we get more reviews we will be increasing our Margins to 30%+. Insha'Allah Should we start taking actions or YOU need moreeee time to think? 😊