CH Amn Ayub


CH Amn Ayub was the student of 1:1 session of Enablers Boot Camp. He belongs to Gujranwala, but now he lives in Lahore. The day he came to Enablers, his listing was live but badly optimized. Due to our modifications, he started making a $5k mark. We asked him a few questions about his progress on Amazon and his experience with Enablers. Let’s have a look how he responded.

You were already a seller on Amazon, so why did you come to Enablers?

I was already selling my product on Amazon, but I failed to get enough sales. There was definitely some problem, but I was unable to identify that. That is why I decided to join the 1:1 training session of Enablers that was conducted by Faisal Azhar.

I must say that I had an amazing experience throughout the 1:1 session. Enablers helped me to clear all my concepts, finalized my products, and sourcing as well as made me understand what mistakes I was doing in my listing. I optimized my listing according to the suggestions and modifications given by Enablers, which resulted in enhanced sales.

Can you become a seller on Amazon on your own, getting help from social media?

One can’t become a seller without professional advice. I was selling on Amazon, but then I realized that I need professional advice; otherwise, it is a money waste if you try to do it around from YouTube, etc. Everyone shares different experience and have their own point of view due to which it will be confusing for you.

I am happy that I choose the Enablers team for professional advice. They provided me clear directions on how to take my business further. Now I am working on the product selection criteria of Enablers, and soon I will be launching another product.

Any message for other Amazon sellers?

Even if you are #1 for your keyword, you won’t stay there long if your listing is non-competitive. Make sure you have the best images possible, best prices possible, best titles, bullets, and best descriptions possible as well as best reviews!

If you want to be a seller on Amazon, then you must do it properly instead of wasting time and money, and to get the best guidance for your Amazon business, Enablers is the best choice.