SUCCESS STORY OF Chuadhary Kamran

Chuadhary Kamran


Struggle is the most important part of the journey. For me, The journey started back in 2019, when I working as a Professor in a college. I was earning 35k from a 9 to 5 job. Alhamdulillah I was very happy with it. Dost yaar roz milte the, sath chae pitay magar kabhi Amazon se related baat nhi hui. But on one fine evening, Mr. Fazeel Abbasi sahb told me about E-Commerce, Amazon and The Enablers. This conversation laid the basis for what was about to be an amazing journey.

You always have to make sacrifices to gain something worthwhile.
To pursue Amazon I quit my job as a Professor. Everyone advised me against it, not to leave the job, but that was because they couldn’t see the potential that this Global Beast has. Or ab wo sab log mujh sy train hona chahty hain 😃.
• After joining The Enablers, I met the most skillful and cooperative Sir Immad Ishaq, my Mentor. Truly a gem of a person. Where ever I am today, it’s because The Almighty guided me through this wonderful man. He never cared whether its morning or 2am at night. HATH PAKAR KR CHALAYA HY SIR NY! Even now, whenever I get stuck, I approach him.
• Me, and two of my friends Shahroz Javed and Taimoor Arshad, we formed a team. Shehroz is also VA student of Sir Immad, while Taimoor’s mentor was Sir Rahim Khan Niazi.
• We hunted a product which later got APPROVED by Enablers. We decided to launch the product during the TRAINING. We got an unbelievable response. In the first week of launch we were getting above 30 orders per day so we decided to stop PPC and observe the sale. Within 2 weeks, we got the Amazon Choice tag for the success of our product!!! The sales were enormous as we were still getting 20 orders per day with a profit of 35%.
• After some days we were on the verge of being out of stock and supplier couldn’t produce another inventory because of Chinese New Year. We had to devise a strategy to tackle with this situation, so we increased the price of the product to almost double of its original price to control the sales.
So, from my experience, if you have a good product for UK Market, go with at least 2000 pieces as the first inventory.
You’ll face a number of roadblocks along the way. You’re gonna have to take them right on the chin!!
• First of all, product hunting is not a child’s play. I had to work day and night for it, had to burn the midnight’s oil on countless occasions.
• Product sourcing: Dealing with Chinese is one of the most complex task of all.
Let me tell you a story :
Few days back I hired freight. We made a deal on the price but I mistakenly allowed him to pick the goods before we could officially make a contract on Alibaba. So he started blackmailing me by increasing the freight charges. I had to pay him extra just so that he that he could ship my goods.
• We managed to learn the necessary techniques of this business, and executed them under the supervision of Sir Immad. The results came, and the results were amazing Alhumdulillah and this provided us the experience to move forward in this business. This attracted clients as well. We interacted with a lot of people who were interested to work with us, and we’ve committed ourselves to the ones who were most keen. Right now, we’re working for a number of satisfied clients Alhumdulillah.
• Make sure you’re available for your client!!
 If I had not left my job and devoted myself completely to this business, I would not have been able to assist my clients like I have. And Alhumdulillah, they hold me in great esteem for the work I’ve done for them. But if you can somehow manage to do it while doing a job, Good for you!
Sir Saqib always says “Why should we hire you?”
This quote completely changed the way looked for opportunities. I started questioning myself. Why would someone hire me? The answer that I found was that I’m going to have to be in the front-line. I participated in the groups as much as I could. I fully engaged in this community. That benefit of that was that the audience started noticing me, people began to reach out. I haven’t made an account on any of the freelancing sites because I already have numerous clients from Facebook and my family circle, Alhumdulillah.
Back when I was working a 9-5 job, I used to think that in order to earn more than Rs. 35k, I’ll have to work more hours. But Amazon Enabled me to earn more than that, while working less the hours, and I find that truly remarkable.
This goes to show that E-commerce is definitely the way forward.