Faraz Arshad


Assalam o Alaikum Everyone! I am Faraz Arshad, Batch-8 Boot Camp Student of Enablers Multan. I am also a member of First EMS Group. Today, on behalf of EMS Multan Team, I would like to share our experience from joining Enablers Team last year to going Live last month and getting some valuable achievement after launching, Alhamdulillah!

At the start of this journey last year, we literally had no idea of how to do Amazon business and how could one make a successful place in this market. However, at the completion of our boot camp classes, things were improved a lot and we had a very clear picture of the whole process. But, getting theoretical knowledge was much different than getting practical experience. We were a bit anxious of investing individually with no practical experience. At that time, with special efforts of Mr. Saqib Azhar and our mentor Mr. Farrukh Malik, Enablers came up with an outstanding idea of EMS for newbies to start practical work with Amazon in a collaborative way to minimize the risks and, at the same time, maximize learning. To cut a long story short, there were many hurdles and difficulties from company creation to launching on Amazon, however, firm guidance and support from Mr. Farrukh Malik, great teamwork from all members and above all, the Grace and blessing of Almighty Allah, made all this a Fun learning for us. There were phases, when we were disheartened with the process but, at that time, our mentor Farrukh Malik continued to encourage us and we kept making efforts patiently.

Today, after about 1 month of launching, we have crossed £5K+ sales Alhamdulillah, and things are improving day by day. Surely, this is just a beginning and we still have a long way to go but now, we are more hopeful and confidant to achieve much more.

Our main purpose of sharing all this is to encourage all other EMS groups and Enablers students who are in struggling phase like us. Keep strong faith in Allah, Follow your seniors and mentors guidance and continue hard work patiently. Always Be Positive and Success will be yours, INSHALLAH.
In the End, I would like to thank Team Enablers, Saqib Azhar for providing us this amazing platform. Thank you Furrukh Malik for your continuous guidance and support. Thankyou Waqar Ahmad, Muhammad Moaz and Dawar Mahmood for being great team players and helping hands.

Faraz Arshad