Farid Intisar


I write this post as a motivation for all of you to 'TAKE ACTION'. I had been following the selling on Amazon hype for quite some time and was also aware of the great job Enablers is doing in Pakistan. But rather than actually doing anything about it, I was mindlessly consuming content on the Internet.

Finally, I decided to make the BIG STEP and joined Enablers Boot Camp (Batch-8) as well as Enablers Investment Club (EIC).

From there on, I was trained to have an action-oriented mindset and the results are clear to see in the screenshot of my product sales, Alhamdulillah.

This is only the first month after my product has been launched. I am convinced that with the help of Saqib Azhar, Khurram Khalid and the whole of the Enablers Team, growth will be exponential.

For years, I have had the dream to be an entrepreneur and live life on my own terms and this organization is finally enabling me to do so. So a huge thank you to Team Enablers! And may all of you find the willingness to take action!