Farrukh Malik


Farrukh Hussain Malik, belonging to Multan, was a student of Enablers Boot Camp (EBC) and now a member and ambassador of the Enablers Team. He did Software Engineering from Dublin, Ireland, and got 1:1 training sessions of Amazon by Mr. Faisal Azhar and Mr. Saqib Azhar from Enablers. Today he is a successful seller on Amazon. We asked him a few questions to share his experience and journey with us, which are mentioned below:

What inspired you to be a seller on Amazon?

After moving back to Pakistan, I started an auto detailing business. I even had a showroom and invested a lot in my business. I worked in the automobile industry for about 4 to 5 years, but I was not satisfied with my profession, as I couldn’t expand it, or there were also not many opportunities to grow. For this business, I had to work from 7 to 5 in my office, look after labor, deal with different clients, and my physical presence was crucial for my business to flourish.

I wanted to do some work that could be expanded and can be operated from anywhere. For this, I started an online business with a local website. I sold products locally and even worked on eBay. But the problem with eBay was the shipping issues. If I get to sell 100 products and only two of them were shipped back, I lost my profit. Then I came across the biggest online selling market, Amazon. After watching a lot of videos on social media and reaching reviews of people, I knew that it was the platform for me.

How did you get to Enablers?

I understood it well that Amazon was different from other online selling platforms; it was a huge one. So, I started looking for people or any organization that can teach me the basics of selling on Amazon. I came across many platforms, and Enablers was new at that time. After visiting their official website, I contacted the customer support and was amazed to see the sudden response. I got myself enrolled for 1:1 training sessions offered by Enablers, and in 7 weeks, I got the full-fledge knowledge needed to be a seller on Amazon.

How did you start selling on Amazon, and how much time it took to be successful?

After getting training from Enablers, I started selling my own product on Amazon. It took 8 to 10 months to start my own listing in the US and Europe. Today, I am making 10k dollars per month in the UK through Amazon and 8k dollars in the US. The first 3 to 4 months were quite difficult and needed a lot of time, energy, effort, and hard work. But things got smoother later on, and now I just have to check my Maths book to ensure that everything is working fine. Now I have to give almost 1 hour daily to both markets.

What was your main challenge throughout the journey?”

In the first 3 to 4 months, every day seemed to be a challenge because I was doing something that I have never come across before, and the platform was totally new for me. The most difficult thing was ranking, especially in the US. Product selection also took a lot of time and energy. But all thanks to Sir Faisal and Sir Saqib for providing me the exact and superb criteria for searching my products. Because of their guidance and 24/7 hours availability, I was able to find my products in 2 months. Once, I got my product, things became amazing. I have seen people doing a lot of hard work and investing 10 to 20k but still don’t get the desired results. But I was lucky to find skilled mentors.

What is your profit margin?

According to the criteria told my Enablers, one must have 25% net margin profit, and I am also making the same profit.

How many products do you have right now?

I have 2 products in the UK and 1 in the US.

What is your strategy and daily activities to maintain 10 to 15k dollars profit per month?

The most important factor while launching a product is to have confidence and patience. For selling on Amazon, you have to manage different things, like to be ranked on the first page, PPC, and giveaways. One may become sometimes dishearten if you are not ranking on the first page. Or you might think that to rank on the first page; I might finish all my money and still not get organic sales, then what will happen to me. Do not worry if you get ranked on the first page; the sales will become organic eventually. You need to keep on trying and doing hard work. Stick to the criteria your mentor told you, and you will get success.

At first, it was difficult for me too, but now I am giving hardly one hour to both markets. First of all, I check the sales graphs. If the graph is consistent or going up, then there is no need to play with the listing. However, if the graph is going down, you do need to find the cause. You need to check whether it is because of the market trend of that particular product, or there are some other consequences like bad reviews on the product. I keep on looking at the graph of my sales to maintain the profit level.

What was your launch strategy, and how did you manage to rank on the first page?

While launching a product, one must have ample stock. While dealing with launching and giveaways, one must have ample stock of at least 1000 units. So, ordering ample stock is the foremost thing. For instance, if you order 500 units and give away the stock in 8 to 10 days, there will be no stock left in the warehouse. So, do not offer anything less than 1000. Also, have an extra budget for getting reviews. You need to allocate your budget and have the extra amount for launching your product, refunding, and giveaways other than inventory.

Once I started getting organic sales, I didn’t stop giveaways and PPC all at once. PPCs go side by side, and I started decreasing the giveaways slowly. I managed an extra amount for that at the start, and 20 to 25 reviews worked for me excellently.

What do you need to be a successful seller on Amazon?

For me, hard work, patience, dedication, and motivation are the key to be successful. Most importantly, your mentors play a vital role in your success, so your mentor needs to be well trained and also an excellent seller himself.

Why do you prefer Amazon to other businesses?

For selling on Amazon, all I need is an internet connection. I can operate from anywhere without any problem. By this online platform, I have become able to give time to my family as well, and now I am also training other people as a part of the Enablers team.

Any message for other sellers?

I would like to say that selling on Amazon is not an easy task as it looks. It requires a lot of effort, dedication, and hard work. But when you get yourself ranked on the first page, things will become easy, and you can easily sustain your position.

I will recommend everyone who wants to sell on amazon to avail the best training services from Enablers in Pakistan. They are not only training people for how to sell on amazon; perhaps they emphasis over not losing hope, and they try their level best to maintain the high morale in students learning amazon selling.