Haider Feroz


First of all i thank you Almighty God for giving us opportunity and guidance for taking the right step of enrolling in Enablers and best part to enroll in my sir g batch. The respected and most helpful mentor the respected Sir Sajjad Naseer . I am wholesale batch 2 student under his mentorship and one earlier post of success was posted in wholesale FB group not in the main group. After so much struggle, dedication and consistency me and my brother were able to find profitable products. I would like to thank him for his continued support and assistance. No doubt we would be nothing if sir sajjad did not guide us and motivated us throughout our journey and Sir Saqib Azhar for providing this amazing platform. Currently we are live with 4 SKU and our profit margin for 4 SKU is around 25 % Once again thanks alot sir sajjad for your help, guidance and encouragement. In the end i would like to say "YOU ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU STOP TRYING"