Haniya Khan


I am here to share my success story with Enablers Pakistan I am sharing only to motivate those person and specially women that you also can do if I did. I am Mrs abdul rehman having two child.past experience property day I saw enablers success story miss sehrish gull and suddenly I decided if she can do with small baby so why I am not? That time my baby was 6 months old. So I decided to admission in enablers upcoming course with my late cousin farrukh tanveer. (he got an accedent suddenly when we have took 2 classes from enablers and he died at spot) 😭 But I didn't stopped my journey my family specially (my husband ) and mentor sir Kashif Hussain support me very well that time and I came back from that situation. Remember one thing before start your journey as a enterpenure ship it's not a magic without hard working you can't do don't join if you are thinking that you will earn in one night.but believe me you can earn very my monthly earning is 1 lac + I am working with 3 clients and market USA and UK.paymemt proof attach for motivate you to start. Thanks mentor sir kashif Hussain And sir Saqib Azhar who provided us this platform 🙏 Without your efforts we couldn't do this I will share with all of you my ups and down that I faced in this journey and thanks all those person who were with my in this journey 🙏 My all class mate and all enablers mentor who guided me best Best thing of enablers is life time support.