Ibtsam Sheikh


Ibtsam Sheikh is a Young Enablers Rock Star from Gujranwala. He was the student of Enablers Boot Camp batch 7 and got training from one of the mentors of Enablers, Qasim Zia Malik. His success story will definitely inspire others. We interviewed him, and let’s see how he answered our questions.

How was your experience with Enablers?

I attended the Enablers Detailed Course of 7 weeks, and Qasim Zia Malik is a great trainer. The training of Enablers provided a clear explanation of concepts, a good sense of progression through the topics, and, most of all, making all the training sessions relevant to real work situations. The training sessions were very informative. Teaching methods were quite interactive and friendly, and I gained a lot from Mr. Qassim’s experience.

What is your profit margin

I have managed to hit £8k ($10k+) with a 30% profit margin and organic sales now! After successfully implementing EBR – Enablers Blitz Rank. Although that isn’t a huge revenue goal, what it demonstrates is momentum.

What is the secret of your success

I implemented EBR as it is, but before implementing, I sat around the $1000 to $1500 mark, and now, I am quickly growing each day.

Anything you want to say about Enablers?

All thanks to Sir Saqib Azhar and team Enablers that today I am able to run Amazon Business. Thanks a lot for their time, efforts & sharing personal experience. I highly recommend everyone who wants to be a seller on Amazon to join Enablers for the right guidance.

Any message for other Amazon sellers

Amazon is a huge platform. Your business might be much slower than you hope at the start, but you need to carry on the hard work. It is frustrating, challenging, exciting, and everything in between, but I am sure you guys will love it.