Kamran Khaan

Gilgit Baltistan

My name is Kamran Khan and I’m 17 years old belonging to Gilgit Baltistan, currently residing in Islamabad for studies. I would like to share my success journey from 0$ to 1340$ (2,15,000) in a month without any paid course. I gained EVS access in October and watched Virtual Assistant and Amazon Private Label videos but due to my MDCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test) which was held on 29th Nov,2020, I weren’t able to practice my theoretical knowledge. Meanwhile I kept my presence in the Enablers Facebook Group and learned a lot from it. After clearing my exams, I focused on Amazon and how to make pocket money by offering my services and to polish my skillset.

One day I was scrolling down my FB newsfeed I suddenly saw Munim Ali’s(1:1 student of Khurram Khalid) Interview to Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. I wasn’t aware that he has his own PL in UK. I messaged him right away and asked him which skills should I polish for freelancing. He suggested me to go for Product Research and PPC. I started working on improving these 2 skills .I made an account on Fiverr and Upwork but My naseeb wasn’t there and I was disappointed not to get any client for a month.

I decided to share what I‘ve learned through EVS. I joined FB groups of Amazon Sellers and posted my knowledge of PPC and Product Research there regularly. After a couple of days, I got messages from Goras to manage their PPC and perform a profitable product research for them. It was a golden opportunity for me to implement my theoretical knowledge and gain experience, but instead of doing it alone I preferred to get help from Munim Ali. I got 2 clients in a single day for PPC. One of them was a well-known brand in UK having more than 1000 listings in their seller central and offered them my services for listings optimization and PPC management. During this period, I got another client for A to Z launch in UK for which currently I’m working with Munim Ali and Syed Faheem Bukhari’s Team.
The reason for sharing my story on this platform eCommerce by Enablers is to encourage people who underestimate themselves and aren’t able to earn a single penny without getting any paid course.