Khurram Khalid


Khurram Khalid from Lahore was once a student of Enablers Boot Camp, and now he is a member of the Enablers team as a Lahore ambassador, head of the investment club, and lead trainer. We asked him a few questions about his journey with Enablers. His answers will surely motivate you; let’s see how he responded to our questions:

How it all started and how you joined Enablers?

I was in my father’s manufacturing business and was a true manufacturer. When I came to know about Amazon, I was confused about whether this platform was for me or not. Then I heard that Enablers had announced a training program that will let you know everything about selling on Amazon. Back then, I was in my comfort zone and was stilled confused about whether I should join the training program or not. Finally, I came to attend the seminar of Enablers. After joining the training program, I came out of the comfort zone and entered in the growth zone and thought, let’s do it, let’s give it a try.

Did Enablers help you to be a successful seller?

It is because of the training I gained from Enablers, support of Sir Saqib, and Sir Faisal, as well as my hard work that today I have achieved such number and have become a successful seller on Amazon. Not only this, I have proved that I can do this, and I am a successful and big seller on Amazon today.

How much time did it take to become a successful seller from a trainee?

It took almost a year to be a successful seller on Amazon. The process started with training, sourcing, and today Alhamdulillah, most of my products are from Pakistan. I deal in the textile industry, and I would like to thank Enablers for enabling me.

How much investment is required in this process?

The investment goes hand in hand with the inventory. Whenever you run short of inventory, you will have to invest. I started with around 15k dollars.

How much revenue are you making on a monthly basis?

Alhamdulillah, I am making almost 50k dollars of revenue per month.

How are you enabling others now?

What I am working with Enablers to enable other people about the full-fledge knowledge of Amazon. I am Lahore ambassador of Enablers, and they hired me as lead trainer for Lahore and head of investment club. Via Enablers, I have trained hundreds of students. I invite my students and people I know who come to me asking that they want to join the boot camping, to the seminars of Enablers so that they get an overview of the overall situation, know what the Amazon business is all about and what they are getting into.

What is the purpose of Enablers for providing this training, and what does it get from it?

The primary aim of Enablers is to introduce the people of Pakistan about the potential multi-million-dollar industry, Amazon. We will train you on how you can do it and will explain the profit-sharing ratio. You can contact the support team of Enablers as well as me anytime you want to if you have any questions for the boot club or investment club.