Mehran Ali


It's Mehran Ali from Qatar BC student of Farhan Tahir 1:1 Thanks to Allah and then Farhan bahi for a continuous support throughout the journey and your idea's and strategies that help us to test and find a good potential product and rank. If we see the stats of niche it’s not an easy niche as there are sellers with 3K plus reviews as well. But the good thing is we are not competing with them. We came with a different design and test that design in 64GBP through rapid launch. If it’s not a rapid launch we would have never been able to launch this design we would rather go for copy paste competitor design and start fighting with them as everyone do. We went in a other way and now we are sitting between these big sellers. And we don't have any direct competitor 🙂 Wo apni dukan chala rahay hum apni 🙂

The aim was to start with as low as possible to minimize risk factor. So we launched this product with a 64GBP inventory and a low PPC and target long tail KW’s and I was amazed to see the results and then continue sourcing from UK and reached to 2000 GBP sales in a month. That was only possible because of Farhan bahi unique strategies that really works 🙂
You can find first milestone story here…/permalink/3482003568533220

Once we got confident enough. We decided to source this product from china and this time wanted to play big. I discussed with Arsalan Riaz a BC student and a very good. And we agreed to partnership on this product and also involved two very good and old friends Imran Khalid Aqib Raja
Now we are a team and proud to be a part of such an amazing and passionate team. If you want to grow fast, work as a team. More hands more brains more energy and can work on more products
But due to Q4 our one shipment was delay. We were going slow and steady and once we got enough inventories in hand. We start targeting Big KW’s and Alhamdulliah we are ranked on top 10-15 positions of all our relevant targeted KW’s and No #5 in sub category. Reached 40-50 sales/day and this will IA increase more when we target remaining KW’s. Mostly all this done through PPC but also did some 30-40 Giveaways as a test but then decided to continue with PPC as It was working well for us.
Thanks Sir Saqib Azhar for giving us such an amazing platform and a 24/7 support from our mentors and all Enablers Mentors and family. Without this Eco system It would not be possible for us to achieve that much. This is all your hard work Saqib Azhar that this eco-system is getting more and more powerful and creating so much opportunities. And introducing Pakistan as an ecommerce hub in international market
Thank you Farhan bahi for enabling me and putting all your effort’s in me and for your continuous support and motivation. Hum to bus mureed say ho gaye apkay 🙂
Arsalan Riaz Imran Khalid Aqib Raja you guys are Gem. Due to your hard work, passion, dedication and positive energy that help us to achieved one of our milestone and soon will achieve other milestone and goals that we have set for 2021.
2021 apna he ha meray dost 🙂
“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins
Mehran Ali
BC student Qatar
Farhan Tahir 1:1