Mohammad Ali Barry


I am so emotional today and really proud that in Pakistan there are PEOPLE like Enablers and Saqib Azhar who are helping Pakistanis to build their businesses and creating employment opportunities.

Saqib Azhar says that there is hardly any group in the world would have that much FREE content / videos in this group eCommerce by Enablers so I learned from videos in this group without paying any fee for training and made an account in UK by using Pakistani details.
I then launched product by using RAPID launch approach and then starting to make sale on Amazon – after every 1 week I was getting out of stock so I was so surprised what is GOING ON !!
Now I have seen all ins and out without any training and all, whatever I learned from this group thru videos is a Diamond for newbies like me who just watched videos and manage to create UK Account and now making sales.
Furrukh Malik also called me shortly and confirmed that they will be guiding me properly and will take me under their mentorship.
I want to say to everyone which Saqib Azhar keeps saying that learn from this group videos.
Pakistan Zindabad.