SUCCESS STORY OF Mubbashr Goraya

Mubbashr Goraya

Saudi Arabia

I am an EVS student and I learned everything through EVS videos and with the mentorship and guidance of sir Farhan Tahir and his 1-1 student Basit Tufail. I started with only 500 SAR and a single product. My inventory went live just one week ago and ALHAMDULILLAH today my sales numbers are over 2000 SAR within a week and my profit margin is little over 30%. I am doing local sourcing from Jeddah and Amazon KSA has a huge potential. I would like to thank Enablers for making such great and easily understandable videos that people like me are earning on their own. Also I want to thank sir Farhan Tahir and Basit bhai for their continued support and guidance throughout the journey. Please feel free to comment and text me here on Facebook . My best wishes and prayers for everyone.