Muhammad Faizan


My name is Muhammad Faizan. I’m a Master in Commerce from Fuuast Islamabad. After university started a job Smak Associate as office assistance (accountant) at Islamabad. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic came back home (Jhelum) for safety precaution I was full-time free at home. Enablers introduced ESDP (Enablers Skill Development Program) for Amazon VA training in cooperation with Punjab Govt. This was free of cost for 500 students. I applied for course, passed an online test and selected 500 selected students out of 33 thousand applicants. Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah....

I have earned $500 or Rs 80k within two months as Amazon virtual Assistance I have one permanent client for the UK and project base task on freelancing markets. Still learning new things, in my opinion, life is the learning process. First, I really would like to thank Mr Saqib Azhar& My mentor, Mr Asaad Mirza. I feel blessed to have such a dedication and hard work mentor.
I want to make my parents proud, as well as my family.
As for you guys, who are newbies, please do research, keep your knowledge up to date. Make a habit of searching from the internet or where ever you can enhance your knowledge.
Enablers provide premium quality skills also new opportunities, Thanks to Almighty ALLAH & My Parents
Haji Manzoor ,Brother
Muhammed Arslan Mehmud and sister who support me on every step in life. Thank you so much, Sir Saqib Azhar& Enablers Pakistan Pakistan for an opportunity to grow professionally.
May ALLAH give Saqib Azhar& Enablers Virtual Assistant lots of success and happiness Ameen!
Muhammad Faizan