Naseem Naseer


Naseem Naseer is the Enablers Boot Camp Student and now Enablers Consultant in Lahore, who looks after relationships with Investors/Vendors and so on. We asked him a few questions to share his journey with Enablers. Let’s see how he responded to our questions:

How Enablers helped you to set your own business?

I was in my father’s manufacturing business and was a true manufacturer. When I came to know about Amazon, I was confused about whether this platform was for me or not. Then I heard that Enablers had announced a training program that will let you know everything about selling on Amazon. Back then, I was in my comfort zone and was stilled confused about whether I should join the training program or not. Finally, I came to attend the seminar of Enablers. After joining the training program, I came out of the comfort zone and entered in the growth zone and thought, let’s do it, let’s give it a try

Did Enablers help you to be a successful seller?

I have worked in the top textile industries of Pakistan for 16 years, including Nishat Mills, Master Textile Mills, Shahkam Industries, Azgard Nine Limited, and US Apparel. After working with these industries for a long time, I realized that they had used my skills as much as they can, and I was not their need anymore. Then I came to know about Enablers, which encouraged me to start my own business. I used my product knowledge and product hunting skills that I gained from my experience and used them to start my own business.

Was Enablers training beneficial for your progress?

Yes, Enablers training helped me a lot in setting my own business, and it is because of their guidance that today, I am exporting 10 to 12 containers of jeans, bedsheets, and kitchen napkins monthly.

Is Enablers doing well in its field or not

I am very happy to see the success of Enablers. I can see many garment technologists, retail industry consultants, and textile industry leaders attending the seminars and gaining valuable knowledge of the Amazon business.

Is online business flourishing in Pakistan?

Yes, people are getting aware of the online business these days because of the efforts of institutes like Enablers. People related to the textile industry are slowly availing the opportunities of online business.

Why do you think people should invest in the Amazon business rather than other businesses?

I think rather than investing in businesses like Burger Point and Chaaye Khana, people should invest in Amazon, where they can earn dollars and pounds. You can get way more benefit from the world’s biggest online platform as compared to any other business. The home textile industry is a big industry, and there are many large-scale factories which are manufacturing various products. Although, they are exporting their products internationally, why not link a part of the business with Amazon that can earn them huge benefit in dollars. As a vendor consultant, I recommend people to engage their third and fourth generation getting education from abroad with the Amazon sector to make them aware of this Amazon FBA business.