Naveed Ahmad Shaheen

Mian Channu

I am thankful to Almighty Allah and it's an honor for me that I have been selected from 33 thousand people. It is the Enablers who enabled me to rise from the dust and touch these heights. I started with a very low investment.

The ESDP program is a great opportunity for those students who cannot afford the course fees. As I started the course, we had our product hunting class. I learned a lot and then I personally asked Sir Sajjad Naseer to guide me regarding dropshipping. He told me a lot of tips. I used to call him for extra questions if I have problems, he guided me on every step from product hunting to account handling despite his busy schedule. I name my victory to my trainer who has guided me to enable me.
Thanks to Enablers and Saqib Azhar sb for providing such an amazing platform for learning and developing much-needed skills.