Nouman Nawaz


In start I was like most of the people in here. Full of potential and enthusiasm but didn’t had the direction until I found I always been a Tech Savvy try to learn thing from internet and try to soak everything I could related to technology tried to pursue my skills in web development software engineering but All I had was surface level knowledge and no salient degrees in said fields but as I am from Sialkot I always had a thing for business or lets say Commerce. then I found out about E-Commerce an emerging field in Pakistan. and like you All know E-commerce in Pakistan and Enablers are inseparable.

So while researching about the E-Commerce I finally came up to the point where my life was going to take a turn the moment when Enabler’s ad popped up on my Facebook Feed. When I went to there website I immediately knew that I came to the right place.
A platform who has enabled hundreds of people like me.
I just signed up for my bootcamp and started my classes and How should I say what a journey its been from knowing nothing to being a steady seller its mean a lot.
And it all started from first saying of Sir Qasim Raza in out first class.
That people who are sitting infront of me wont be the same after they get out after this course.
and He proved to be right in every word for me.
First I got my product got rejected then another one bootcamp fellows in this group will understand the pain then I got a product approved I thought thats a victory but that was not God’s plan as I mentioned that support from Sir Qasim Raza was extraordinary he personally used to keep eye on ever changing stats of that product and at the moments before a major decision my product wasn’t in quite doable condition so I had to drop the idea of launching it. and even in launching phase he always been right by my side regardless of how silly my questions were how rookie my mistakes were always there supporting me even at 2:00 AM in the morning he always made himself available. what a humble character he is.
It was quite hard to be honest in the start as you are competing in a world’s finest Marketplace against world’s finest business profiles
but there is a saying by Karl von Clausewitz
‘Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior’
So I kept on trying and did not lose hope and I went to My respected mentor and discussed about product which was clearly rejected before but after watching my stubbornness He approved it all by his own and derived a flawless strategy of 0 giveaways and 3 weeks ranking which worked in such a great way as you all can see
So after my Almighty Allah I am so thankful to him for being so kind and perceptive towards his students as he grasped my finger and told me how to take baby steps in this forest of Amazon.
Getting 5000+ USD sales monthly.
Started from nothing to be precise but all by true hard, Passion and Exquisite Teachings of Mentors.