Omer Farooq

Manchester, United Kingdom

I Started my Amazon Business this year and failed multiple times, i was dishearten and demotivated & rest you all know what happen so i will not go into previous details. I have heard about Crazy Sales and yesterday...

i have witness it by myself with going out of stock overnight and sale over $ 7,000 in a single day. It wasn’t possible without Enablers “& without the help of mentors. All those you want to jump into this business i will highly recommend to have a mentor. you don’t know where you will stuck & where you need guidance.
to achieve wasn’t an easy journey, neither a smooth ride. From disappointment to Happiness, from dishearten to Excitement, from demotivation to inspiration to others. It took whole this year and a-lot of money, Patience, dedication, hunger for learning new stuff & so on. I really thank you Saqib Azhar , my mentor Sajjad Naseer & brother Khurram Khalid.
Let me tell you something that to get crazy sales you need to learn the art of PPC. if you can manage PPC well, you can get sales velocity that mostly call crazy. I am attaching my last 30 days sales in first month i was about $ 7,000 & in my second month i am around 27,000. this all is possible when you give time to learn new stuff and give your full dedication.
i have products made in Pakistan & my profit margin is 45% before PPC and around 37% after PPC.