Osaid Ahmed


My journey started not so long ago when I watched a youtube video of Qasim Ali Shah talking about earning money through ecommerce and amazon. I found it very interesting and spent the next 2 weeks watching all videos of sir Saqib Azhar, Sajjad Naseer and rest of the company at enablers. Fastforward 3 months and Alhamdullilah We've made sales of more than $10,000 in December 2020 and sales of January 2021 are close to $30,000. Now the target for end of first quarter is 50k. I'm working on Amazon Canada and registered a seller account through my brother who lives there. He has been handling the contacts with distributors and arranging and managing inventory while I focus on product hunting and sourcing.

Points I’d like to share for new sellers:
1. Understand the whole process from A to Z, from product hunting to sourcing to sales.
2. Watch as many videos as you can before you start. EVS has more than enough material for you to have a complete grasp on each topic.
3. Cash flow management is of critical importance. I have a family of accountants so that was obviously helpful.
4. Don’t choose products that are large in size. Even if they have alot of sales. The FBA and warehouse fees will eat into all of your profits and have a very low ROI.
5. Don’t pick a product with more than 4 variations. H10 or JS does not have the ability to tell which variation is selling most. And most of the times all sales are coming from some variation that amazon is selling.
6. Start from listings that do not require permission to sell. There will be a lot of sellers because its open for everyone so getting a good price from your distributor is very important.
7. Understand the difference between a distributor and a brand. Always try to buy wholesale directly from the brand first. The MOQ would be high but so would the profits. If you are buying from a distributor try to negotiate the price by ordering more quantities.
8. Find a partner, distribute your workload. This is not a one man show. You need a good motivated team around you.
9. Don’t hesitate to contact Enablers for help. Sir Sajjad Naseer has been very helpful whenever I’ve contacted him with any issues I’m facing.
I hope all this will motivate and encourage everyone to make an effort. Starting an Inc. or LLC. abroad sounds very risky and complicated but you can do all that from your home now. We should try and utilize internet for more than just downloading movies or watching Netflix. But you will have to spend countless hours in front of your computer working. Always remember, all this requires a lot of hardwork and dedication. You will have to spend countless hours in front of your computer…So get to work, entrepreneurs!