Qasim Raza


Qasim Raza, belonging to Sialkot, was one of the Enablers Boot Camp students and now a member of the Enablers team. He is the mentor of the Enablers Sialkot Team. Today, he is an expert seller of Amazon with multiple listings making revenue of about 115k per month, and he is now focusing on another niche in the home & kitchen category. Qasim has been sourcing his product from Sialkot and has worked days and nights to hit these figures with dedication, passion, and especially with the “Can Do” attitude.

How and when did you start selling on Amazon?

I started selling on Amazon on 20th October 2018 by using the approach of FBM, but soon I converted to FBA when I saw the big potential in there. I started with a $15k investment, and I could never do it without the motivation I got from the Enablers team.

From where you are sourcing products, and what is your profit margin?

I am sourcing products from Sialkot, and my Profit Margin is 27%.

How did you manage to come on the first page?

I used Enablers Blitz Rank to come on Page 1.

How was your experience with Enablers?

Saqib Azhar gave from time to time dose of “YES YOU CAN DO IT” and “THERE IS NO PLAN B.” He helped me to stay focused. The whole training offered by Enablers actually boosted my sales. Everything was taught step by step in detail, and the support that was provided in their secret Facebook group, as well as WhatsApp communication with me and other Amazon sellers, was remarkable.

What was the best part of the training?

The best part of the training was that the mentors were all experienced and successful sellers of Amazon. Amazon is a big ocean, and you need to learn a lot before entering this field. But I am proud that I chose the best people in town. It was not the product I chose that was LIFE-CHANGING, but it was Enablers that is LIFE CHANGING.

Any advice for other Amazon sellers?

The results require quite a lot of hard work. As a member of the Enablers team, I want to encourage everyone, especially those of you in a difficult and high-volume niche. It is hard in the beginning, but once you find the right combination, the growth is exponential.
If a product doesn’t work for you, keep searching for a product that will work for you. Something as different as you are! Something great that people want that you are intrigued enough to show up for every day, something you can add value to, something will definitely work for you if you stay with it.