Success Story of Sahrish Gull

Sahrish Gull


One Woman can make a difference - An inspirational story of Sahrish Gull This is our first House Wife success story - You are more powerful than you think! A housewife in joint family and taking care of her three babies (5 yrs, 3 yrs, and 1.5 yrs)

My name is Sahrish Gull and I am student of batch 8 face to face Gujranwala, a housewife in joint family and taking care of my three babies (5 yrs, 3 yrs, and 1.5 yrs) . Today, I hit my first milestone which is 5k gbp with the profit ratio of more than 30%. The reason of my post today is to pay my gratitude to all my mentors who have supported and helped me and always remained behind me whenever I needed them. Hats of to Enablers, they are always here whenever anyone needs them.
So my story begins in july 2019, when I decided to meet Sir Qasim zia Malik on the request of Sir Shahab Khan. talking to him I realize my knowledge is scattered, I don’t have a systematic information and thinking that was my mistake which I realized when I finally took all the sessions of enablers bootcamp. The bootcamp is flood of information from product hunting to product launch and enablers mentors guided through all ebbs like big brother. before taking the bootcamp, I was not aware of a lot of things (the list is long so I am not pointing them)
When I first day went to class, my confidence was shaking because I was the only female student in the bootcamp, however, the way sir Qasim Zia Malik boosted my morale, all my fellow classmates who helped me in feeling comfortable, it made me able to understand concepts thoroughly. Not only throughout bootcamp classes, onward till now, sir Qasim is always there on every step.
managing babies with business has been one of the biggest challenge for me. however, family and spouse support enabled me to bear the stress of launch. hence, this is two way traffic in which your family support plays a big role. a special thanks to my husband, my in laws and my family.
When I hunted my product, consultant Meer Hamza worked with me A lot, even at 3 oclock night, I sent him whatsapp with my found product and he replied me everytime. During sourcing, Sir Qasim has been there to help me in checking every bit of samples. Then pre-launch and launching guidance was given by sir Immad Ishaq, never mind if I ping him at 2 oclock saying my problems and he is always there to solve the problems and then Sir Khurram Khalid, who is also another Gem in Enablers, I literally eat his brain with tiny questions and he was always patient to answer them. Sir Danish Khalil was there to solve my ppc related issues and then Assad Mirza who gave training to all the students of launching phase about PPC, without his help, PPC would have remained a big Question mark. Hence, every tutor of this enabler family is ready to give his best if you need a small help, I am not able to write the entire beauty of this team due to such a long post.
THIS TEAM IS MAGICAL TEAM and without them I would not have achieved this level.
Above all, The main Pillar of this Enabler Family, Sir Saqib Azhar, his best thing is that, he works like a family, he works like a team. Never worked as one man, as he knows, a team can beat the complications. He is always there whenever I needed help, never thought about fees, not about money, not about time shortage, if I asked him to give me time, he always say yes I have time. Share your problem. Simply, only a Devoted man can build a devoted TEAM…The Team Enablers… Thank you for making me able to achieve this success. this is going to be YOUR SUCCESS!