Sajjad Naseer


Sajjad Naseer is one of our Enablers Boot Camp Student who Joined almost 6 months ago and was working as an Oil and Gas Engineer – He has now decided to come in Private Label Amazon Business full time and will be taking this journey further! I saw him coming in the Lahore office and working so hard and been so active throughout his journey and implemented EBR to have amazing results.

These are some fact for this success story.

1.He started with $15k investment
2. Sourcing product from China
3. 27% Profit Margin after all burning.
4. He uses Enablers Blitz Rank to improve his ranking against specific keywords.
5. He started this account and product 6 months ago.
6. He has 100+ reviews on his listing now.
For those not yet live, don’t give up Follow the training and don’t feel like you need to launch your product with every marketing program shared. It’s an iterative process.
Credit also goes to Khurram Khalid who has been training Sajjad Naseer throughout his journey.
He is now planning to launch multiple products to scale it up rapidly and i can predict one day i will be posting his $100k / per month story here.