Salman Ghori


My name is Salman Ghauri, I'm 16 years old and currently doing my O levels, I am a student of Enablers VA Batch 4. I started my journey back in November 2019 from Content Writing. My father used to scold me for wasting my time wandering and wanted me to focus on something productive and creative.

I started learning content writing from Youtube and I started writing articles for affiliate websites and magazines like, Things were going fine till June 2020 till I visited my cousin’s home, and he told me about Amazon and after noticing my interest, he told me about Enablers and some other platforms, he talked to my father about enrolling me in Enabler’s VA course and what I did not know was that decision was about to change my life. In June 2020 I got enrolled in Enabler’s Virtual Assistant course. Before completing my course Alhamdulillah, I got my first client for listing audit and optimization, I efficiently completed the task, and the client is so happy that he decided to hire me for his upcoming A-Z launches, I started hunting products and new niches for him. After I got product and niche approval, I started sourcing it from Chinese Suppliers which was again a huge new world for me. The best part was that my cousin who is well versed in Amazon, gave me a challenge to source the same product with a 10% less sourcing price than his established supplier. It was an amazing feeling when I got the best price and 17% less than his supplier price. I learned and Improvised Alibaba Supplier Sourcing analysis and evaluation reports, These are very comprehensive reports on which you can decide your whole investment, profits, and returns on one go. After that I wrote an optimized Amazon listing with backend keywords, got the listing conceptual images with social proofs and social listening, and boom, I launched the product under my cousin’s supervision and with his team and ranked his product in USA. It took 22 days to rank with 47% Acos. We got a new release badge and then Amazon Choice too for a few days.
Secondly, I made few gigs on Fiverr and profile on Upwork. Since then I am getting a good amount of foreign clients with loads of work. To the date today, I have successfully launched 2 products in USA & UK and now I’m working on my 3rd launch in Canada. My plan for 2021 is to make an agency and deliver more successful launches. I am really thankful to Allah (S.W.T), my father, and my teachers Sir Asaad Mirza and Sir Farhan Tahir and above all Mentor Saqib Azhar I really wish to meet him in person someday. I hope you liked my story, Happy Learning guys.