SUCCESS STORY OF Sardar Irfan Khan

Sardar Irfan Khan


I m Irfan khan EVS student and listing Promoter Batch-03 Today I m going to share my little success story with my respected group members for motivation. Although I was earning handsome amount as listing promoter but it wasn't my ultimate goal so I applied for EVS and got access, learnt alot about all business models By seeing my interest and dedication to this work my mentor sir Saqib Awan ❤️ offered me as his SSM, I am really thankful to Him ❤️. He played a vital role in my success ❤️. I would suggest all of you work hard don't get things rush, just make an investment of your time you will definitely get reward of it. Remain focused and steady, no matters how slow you are as Slow and steady wins the race. Currently I am working for US and UK based Two projects. Need your prayers for these two projects and I want to thank my clients Muhammad Yawar and Sayyed Anas for their trust. And lastly میرا ماننا ہے منزلیں چاہے کتنی ہی اونچی کیوں نہ ہوں راستے ہمیشہ پیروں کے نیچے ہوتے ہیں I'll come up with a big one In Sha ALLAH