SUCCESS STORY OF Shah Jehan Afridi

Shah Jehan Afridi


The story of generating $2.4 million USD in revenue within 12 months (PL). This post is mainly for fresh aspiring Sellers & VAs as well as old sellers and VAs struggling in their journey & for those who are following Amazon FBA for a while but not taking ACTIONS. After Rehan Allahwala shared my story on his wall, so many people are reaching out to me asking questions about FBA business so I thought to share a few points with you guys but before that, I’ve to mention that if I can do it, you can definitely do it. I don’t have any competitive advantage over you guys, my English is weak and my Urdu is not perfect. I’m not a software engineer either but still was able to make it.

Yes, I’m not a BC student but I’m strongly recommending everyone who is reading this post to enroll in BC (from any reputable organization) because Amazon FBA is a capital-intensive business and you’ll need a dedicated support system every day (I should say every minute). Amazon FBA is a proper business and you would never learn it just by watching videos, it’s not like learning Photoshop. There are so many things which you won’t be able to learn just by watching videos it too when Amazon is updating so many things on a monthly/ quarterly basis. I watched courses worth $3k to $5k USD but I’ve to tell you that the knowledge was very basic. Believe me, I was like watching more than 10 videos on youtube just to learn how to create variations on a listing and it was so confusing because connecting the dots was so difficult for me. So learning from 1 mentor at the beginning will make your life much easier.
I’ve got the utmost respect for everyone who preaches and teaches Amazon FBA in Pakistan, believe me, the knowledge is priceless. Imagine having your own shop in Newyork, London, Berlin, and Paris selling your own products to locals? Sounds good? Isn’t it? Amazon FBA is providing you exactly the same opportunity.
My short journey starts here…I was working for a few sellers in the early days of my FBA journey where I asked one of my clients to make a partnership with me as she was not good at FBA. Thankfully she agreed and l started product research and we launched a product within 2 months. It was the month of March 2019, we started with just $8k USD and then subsequently launched 2 more products in the same brand, only these 3 products generated a revenue of $2.1 million in the last 12 months. Imagine having 40 to 50 such products? We’ve launched another brand too recently in the US.
My Biggest Achievement: The day my partner informed me that she’s finally resigning from her job, the job she was doing in the same organization for 9 years, it was a special moment as my effort was the reason making her financially, location and time-independent in such a short time of period. The brand is now worth $1.3 million based on the monthly profit. And all this happened in less than 2 years having only 3 products.
Key points for VAs!
Treat your client like an average person and not like a money-making machine. He/ She is also struggling for a better life just like you. So don’t make fake promises. Don’t lie by claiming to be an expert in a specific skill, he/she might have invested their life savings in the business. I still remember the day when I was launching the first product, during the launch I was unable to sleep properly for 3 days just because $3k of my client was at stake. You need to build that kind of attitude, treat their business like your own.
Key points for Sellers:
Remember – Just one successful product can create a fortune for you. The most important part of FBA is finding the right product. Based on my experience, you’re already 50% successful if you have got the right product. For me, product research is an art, not just a skill.
The second most important factor is the product launching strategy. Don’t underestimate these 2 if you want to be a successful Amazon FBA seller.
Learn-Unlearn-Learn; I’m spending more than 2 hours daily been active in different Amazon FBA Facebook groups, watching videos, and reading posts. You need to keep your self updated if you want to win this race. Amazon is evolving very quickly so try to learn and unlearn things quickly. I don’t feel shy asking questions from a new seller or a multi million-seller, there’s always something to learn.
Tip for sellers: Don’t ignore TikTok, the most downloaded app this year in the world and in the US. I got 1.3 million views for one of my products after paying just 100 dollars to an influencer. Do remember that your product should be unique or trendy if you want to work with influencers whose main niche is only creating videos for Amazon products because they tend to create videos for something new or unique. You can find influencers using hashtags #amazonbestfinds #amazonproduct #coupons etc.
I’m wishing you all very good luck!